Thursday, April 25, 2013

Entrepreneurial Farmer

by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Aquino Among Top 100 
Influential Persons

Pres. Benigno Aquino has insisted civilians had the right to carry guns for self defense. His insistence came about after a series of deadly shootings which well meaning people “prompted call for a total firearm ban”. 

However, President Aquino rejected strongly the call which emanated from political leaders, media groups and Catholic Church leaders for a stricter gun laws or outright ban on civilians owning guns.

Police data shows, there were 1.2 million registered guns in civilian hands in 2012. There are another 600,000 unlicensed firearms in circulation. 

Pres. Aquino believes the solution to end the gun violence is to get rid of the unlicensed firearms in circulation. 

He also believes the solution to end the gun violence is to get rid of the unlicensed weapons and allow law abiding people to carry weapon in self defense. He insisted his administration is doing much to address gun violence like the taking away of weapons from the so-called private armies that are run by local politicians around the Philippines.

Do you believe Pres. Aquino on these giving privileges to civilians to own and carry guns? Until today, crimes are increasing with the use of guns.

The vice mayor of Mambusao, Capiz was shoot to death just recently. Dexter Condez, Ati leader in Boracay Island resort in Malay, Aklan was murdered by the assassin using his gun. 

Bombo Boy Hinolan of Bombo Radyo, Kalibo was murdered with the use of a gun in Poblacion, Kalibo in a November evening, 2004. The Roland Ureta case of RMN DYKR, Kalibo, Aklan was also a case of murder using gun in Bagto, Lezo, Aklan. 

A person in possession of guns improves his fighting mode. He becomes more violent, aggressive. What will prevent an angry person or a violent person from using his gun? a deadly weapon? It is much better to have a gunless society.      


Time Magazine has included Philippine President Benigno Aquino III among the top 100 most influential persons of the world this year. Malacañang reacted on this inclusion as a recognition of the Philippines improved standing in the eyes of the world.

The so called “Time 100” is now on its tenth year and this is the first time Aquino’s name is listed. Aquino is among the 23 top influencers category as leaders in the list published on line last week. The other four groups are titans, pioneers, icons and artists. Aquino is among the other leaders who cover various fields and territories like Pope Francis, US Pres. Barack Obama, South Korea leader Park Geun-hye, and North Korea Chief Kim Jong-un.

Aquino was recognized for the stellar performance of the Philippine economy, his strong stand on crucial local and global issues.

Time magazine also lauded Aquino for his support to the Reproductive Health Bill signed into law. Aquino was also cited for his “brave stance, the long term consequences still unknown “in the face of the regional confrontation with Beijing over its claim to virtually all of South China Sea”. /MP   

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