Thursday, April 04, 2013

SWS Pool Shows Pinoys Appreciate Good Governance

Things are looking up for the Filipino under the Aquino administration.

The recent Social Weather Stations survey shows that majority of Filipinos are satisfied with their lives.

“If four out of five Filipinos are satisfied with their lives, then it only shows that the majority of Filipinos feel that the government is working for them,” said former Senator Jamby.

Dissatisfaction, she pointed out, would indicate that Filipinos do not approve of what the Aquino administration is doing, “or is not doing enough to address their needs and concerns.”

The SWS poll, conducted from Dec. 8 to 11 last year, found four of five Filipinos or 81 percent saying they were satisfied with their lives.

Of the 81 percent, 33 percent were “very satisfied” and 48 percent, “fairly satisfied.”

Madrigal believes that the satisfaction rating would get even higher if the survey is conducted now, citing the recent Fitch Ratings upgrade of the Philippines’ investment status and the increasing number of foreign tourist arrivals as well as the continued strengthening of the peso. 

She cautioned, however, that even if most Filipinos are satisfied with their lives, the government would need to focus on the remaining 20 percent who feel dissatisfied. /MP

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