Friday, April 19, 2013

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Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Hopefully, A Peaceful Elections

Don’t look now but the days are really getting shorter as the May 13, 2013 elections approaches.

With the thick and busy schedules of political candidates, inclusive of sleepless nights and stress thinking on the probable results of the elections, certain candidates may now have asked themselves why they have entered the game of politics and the aspiration to be elected.

Gauged from the March 31, 2013 time that the campaign period for local candidates started, I had keenly observed what’s going on in the provinces through print and broadcast media accounts. This I did knowing well that in past local elections, it was where police authorities  would give account of certain political violence happening well-aware as they do that there  are some provinces where political violence would suddenly occur.

Good that as I write this, the areas of concern earlier identified by the Philippine National Police has not reported political related violence. This augurs well for a peaceful May 13, 2013 elections. ‘Hopefully, it shall be the way it is even after the elections is over.

Of the importance of elections, it is worth to remember  the case of  Perez vs. Suller, 40 Off. Gaz., Third Supp., 266, thus: “As long as popular government is an end to be achieved and safeguarded, suffrage, whatever the modality and form devised, must continue to be the means by  which the great reservoir of power must be emptied into the receptacular agencies wrought by the people through their Constitution in the interest of good government and the common weal. Republicanism, in so far as it implies the adoption of a representative type of government necessarily points to the enfranchised citizen as a particle of  popular sovereignty and as the ultimate source of the established authority. He has a voice in the Government and whenever possible it is the solemn duty of the judiciary, when called upon to act in justiciable cases, to give efficacy and not to stifle or frustrate it.”

President Aquino is really bent in making his senatorial Team Pinoy achieved total victory. Any political observer would probably agree in the observation that no past presidents have done what President Aquino is doing or continues to do. The President’s seriousness is evident.  Each senatorial candidate has each a brief endorsement statement from the President in the televisions advertisements. Pinoy in one television advertisement stresses never to return to corruption of the past indirectly hinting that his senatorial ticket are immaculate and thus should be supported.

The Supreme Court turned down Comelec’s airtime limits by issuing a status quo ante order. It is a return to the state prior to Comelec Resolution No. 9615 and on the amendments stated in Comelec Resolution No 9631 which limited TV and radio campaign commercials. 

The Madyaas Pen issue which published that humor for matured and adults was a private text message I sent to Dr. Ambrosio Villorente, Madyaas Pen editor-publisher on March 4, 2013. It was not meant to be published but Dr. Villorente may have considered it to be printed for laughter’s sake. /MP

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