Friday, September 19, 2014

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Amount Of Real Estate Tax Is 
Dependent On Its Use

Tax Ordinance No. 001, Series of 2014 has became a controversial legislation of the Province of Aklan. The ordinance seeks to fix the schedule of New Base Market Values of Real Properties for the 17 Municipalities of Aklan for the Year 2015 General Revision Allowed by Law. The ordinance was enacted on June 18, 2014.

Shortly after its approval, a group of oppositions surfaced. Two petitions were submitted to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) requesting for the postponement of its implementation. It alleged that the people is not yet capable to pay the increased amount of Taxes as the Aklanons are still recovering from the losses brought about by Typhoon Yolanda. There are also allegations that the Tax increased is quite high, oppressive, unjust and confiscatory. Further, they alleged that the enactment of it did not follow the proper legislative process.

These two petitions came from the municipalities of New Washington and Kalibo. Moreover, a group of oppositors led by Mayor Edgar R. Peralta of New Washington held a rally in Pastrana Park, Poblacion, Kalibo. They criticized very badly the provisions stated in the said Provincial Ordinance No. 001, Series of 2014.

In view of some negative opinions and opposition, Hon. Rudson Mayor, member of the SP of Aklan filed a resolution to recall the said SP Ordinance No. 001, Series of 2014 with the end in view to institute adjustment and be made acceptable to the people concerned. But Hon. Mayor was rejected by his fellow members in the SP.

“To Be Or Not To Be”

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” Will Governor Florencio T. Miraflores implement the mandate as provided in the Provincial Ordinance? If he implements, some will not be happy. If he will not, all will rejoice for who will be delighted to pay additional amount over the usual?

However, paying taxes is one of the duties of good citizens. The amount a citizen pays as Tax to the government enables the government to manage successfully the affairs of the nation like maintenance of peace and order, infrastructure, education, health and others. The higher the tax a citizen pays, means his higher degree of usefulness to the nation.

The Tax levied and collected on a productive agricultural land will not hurt if that piece of land is highly productive. A land where grasses grow is useless, does not contribute to progress. It means the owner of that land just hoard it, thus preventing more food production. That land owner must be taxed higher for keeping his land idle. A land owner who produces more must be rewarded. He gets more increased income who produces more. He who has idle lands must pay higher taxes. 

Hence, the amount of taxes levied must be dependent on the way the real estate owner uses his property. More improvement on land leads to higher income. Thus, has higher ability to pay taxes. Non-improvement of real property, means zero income, zero capacity to pay tax. 

Anti Burning

One  of the projects of the Department of Agriculture is the production of organic agricultural products. This is the technology where no chemicals are used in the production of crops like fruits, vegetables, and cereals. The produced are free of toxin as  agricultural chemicals are not used. 

The crops are grown in the soil, fertilized by decomposed agricultural waste like rice straw  and other plant materials.

However, even with  this project, farmers in Aklan are still heavily using agricutural chemicals which active ingredients are systemic leading to the attack of human diseases to man when  the limit is reached.

Until today, farmers are burning  the rice straw inspite of the Aklan Provincial Anti Burning Ordinance. This is  a big failure of the agriculturists in the province of Aklan. /MP  

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