Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reason and Concern by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

On Being Fickle And Capricious

I have never believed much less used the quotation “Varium et mutabile semper femina”. Literally, it means that “Woman is a thing that is always changing, shifting  like the wind.”

The reason why I do not believe it is because the  quotation is insulting to women and an act of sex discrimination. Moreover, there are individuals in both sexes who are fickle and capricious.

President Aquino now appears to be criticized on his changing pronouncement of running again. Of course, the President is aware that he can only run for  second term if Sec. 4, Article VII of the Constitution is amended either through one of the three methods provided for in Sections 1, 2 and 3 of Article XVII of the said Constitution and subject further to a ratification process through a plebiscite not later  than 90 days after the approval of such amendment or  revision.

That September 12 ,2014 agenda-setting meeting with top leaders of the ruling Liberal Party at Malacañang when his  statement on the possible choice of a new  candidate drew laughter is still considered as equivocal when he said: “I hope it isn’t me.” Also, consider what he said in Spain.
As I see it, there is no definite end yet to the issue. He may clarify this as he had clarified before but changed his previous position.
The Chinese government September 12, 2014 travel advisory warning its citizens  not to travel to the Philippines  had affected losses to the tourism industry  at Boracay estimated at P500  million by the department of Tourism. This was learned from DOT Regional Director  lawyer Helen Catalbas

The People’s Republic of China September 12, 2014 travel advisory stemmed from the alleged kidnapping of a Chinese teenager in the victim’s family store. Too, the advisory also alleged that “the safety situation is deteriorating.”

While the travel advisory is asking Chinese nationals not to travel to the Philippines for the time being, the travel advisory may not be lifted sooner than expected and shall continue to affect adversely the tourism industry in Boracay.

As I write this, the Department of Tourism has designed measures to curb Boracay losses. We can only hope that the measures undertaken by the Department of Tourism shall succeed.
In Aklan, it is definite that incumbent governor Florencio T, Miraflores, congressman Teodorico T, Haresco shall seek re-election in the 2016 elections.

There is no name being mentioned yet as of this date who shall oppose them. The opposition has yet to be formed although it is evident in some provinces that political parties or groupings have been organized.
Jokes: Last July l5, 2014 while preparing for my cataract surgery at the Medicus  at Iloilo City the next day, and while passing at the Starbucks, I heard a group of young men joking, thus: First joke: “The bald eagle of Malacañang prefers a bald budget secretary.” Second joke: : President Aquino’s preference for Secretary Abad is a bad decision.” /MP

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