Tuesday, February 02, 2016


     For the period January 1 to December 31, 2015, the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Kalibo held a total of 48 sessions, 44 of which were Regular and four (4) were Special Sessions.
    According to Ms. Diana T. Fegarido, Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan Secretary, SB Kalibo approved 10 municipal ordinances and 127 resolutions in the whole year 2015. Moreover, SB Kalibo endorse for approval to the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan one (1) Sand and Gravel Quarry application. 
    The Kalibo SB also approved one (1) Land Subdivision Plan application, 331 units tricycle franchises and accredited one (1) non government organization.
   Vice Mayor Madeline A. Regalado presided the SB sessions being a Vice Mayor. She went on two (2) official travels, two (2) filial leaves and one (1) vacation leave.
    Among the SB members, Hon. Mark V. Quimpo sponsored six (6) resolutions and one (1) ordinance. He went on official travel twice and thrice filial leaves. 
    Hon. Daisy S. Briones sponsored 15 resolutions and three (3) ordinances. She has two (2) sick leaves and one (1) filial leave. 
    Hon. Augusto S. Tolentino has 24 resolutions and sponsored two (2) ordinances. He was on sick leave for seven (7) times, and one (1) Birthday leave. Tolentino acted as OIC-Mayor on April 16, 2015. 
    Hon. Ariel O. Fernandez has 24 resolutions and sponsored two (2) ordinances. He went on filial leave for three (3) times, sick leave once, and went on official travel once. 
    Hon. Rodillo L. Policarpio has filed 37 resolutions and sponsored four (4) ordinances. Policarpio went on official business on October 22, 2015. He went on sick leave once and filial leave thrice.
    Hon. Gregorio Malapad, Jr. has sponsored one (1) ordinance. He was on travel on March 5, 2015 and on filial leave on November 26, 2015. 
    Hon. Mark Ace C. Bautista neither filed any resolution nor sponsored any ordinance. He went on official travel three (3) times and filial leave two (2) times.
        Hon. Arnaldo M. Tejada filed 14 resolutions and sponsored 13 ordinances. He was on sick leave once and on filial leave twice. 
    Hon. Rey V. Tolentino filed one (1) resolution. He went on official travel  four (4) times, filial leave four (4) times and sick leave once. As to the committee hearings/meetings conducted or attended, Vice Mayor Regalado attended 11 meetings; Hon. Quimpo conducted four (4) and attended ten (10); Hon. Briones attended ten (10); Hon. Augusto Tolentino conducted five (5) and attended nine (9); Hon. Fernandez attended 22; Hon. Policarpio conducted 14 and attended twice; Hon. Malapad conducted once and attended 12; Hon. Bautista attended 10, while Hon. Tejada conducted seven (7) and attended 14; and Hon. Rey V. Tolentino attended five (5). Among the SB members, Hon. Policarpio filed the highest number of resolutions (37) followed by Hon. Augusto C. Tolentino and Hon. Fernandez with 24 each. Hon. Tejada filed 13 ordinances which is the highest number.
  The SB Kalibo accomplishment report neither say how many proposed ordinances filed are approved nor how many resolutions are approved too. The report did not also say what are the kinds of ordinances and how will it affect, if approved, the lives of the Kalibonhons. Are the quality of legislation of the highest standard and relevant to the socio-economic, arts and culture of the Aklanons./MP

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