Tuesday, February 23, 2016


    The Senate before it adjourned its session this month approve on final reading a bill which seeks to mandate the installation of a speed limiter in all public utility buses (PUBs). Sen. JV Ejercito, chair of the Senate Committee on Public Service sponsored the Senate Bill No. 2999. According to him, the installation of speed limiters will reduce road mishaps.
    According to the PNP report, a total of 12, 875 accidents happened in 2013. This increased to 15,572 in 2014. For the six months period, January to June 2015, the PNP records show 13, 366 accidents already happened.
    The UP National Center For Transport Studies (UP-NCTS) on the speed control of public utility buses in 2014 show that bus riders are the most exposed to risks. A bus is six (6) times more at risk than a car, and five (5) times more than a jeepney.
    Hence, the installation of a speed limiter will regulate speed and curb the fatalities on the road. Speed limiter will minimize motor vehicle accidents.
    If approved into law, PUBs shall neither be registered by the LTO, nor granted franchise by the LTFRB unless a standard speed limiter is installed. A P100,000 penalty and suspension of franchise will be imposed on any person or entity who will violate any  provision of the speed law on speed limiter.
    A driver who operates a PUB or the operator who violates the proposed law if approved  will be fined P50,000 and the driver’s license will be suspended. Any individual who is found guilty of tampering speed limiters will be fined P30,000 and six (6) months to three (3) years imprisonment.
    Speaking of vehicle accidents, my friend, after the tricycle they were riding went off its light and rolled over to the canal suffered fractured leg. The driver was not hurt. Another passenger was slightly hurt which did not need any hospitalization.
    The accident happened on a Saturday evening. In view of his wound, he was brought to DRSTMH for treatment. He was admitted to that hospital that Saturday evening. The following day, Sunday, no physician attended to his wound. However, he was informed surgery will be performed after three (3) days. His wife decided to transfer him to a private hospital in Kalibo as his wound swelled and started to smell bad.
    In another hospital, a private one, he was immediately attended by a surgeon. His wound was treated with medicine and operated. In three (3) days, my friend was discharged from the hospital after paying his hospital bills. He went home happy, assured that his wound is cured.
    On their way home, my friend told me, he sang the song “Mona Lisa”. He was glad he survived the accident and on his way to recovery.
   Voters Power Movement (VPM) will be launch on March 4, 2016 in Kalibo, Aklan. This is a movement which vision is “An enlightened electorate, choosing wisely their public officials who can effect progress, development, and prosperity in Aklan.” It’s mission is “To empower the voters in Aklan in the proper excercise of suffrage affecting their rights, responsibilities and benefits.” 
    The VPM is conceptualized by two (2) retired RTC judges who are Atty. Niovady M. Marin and Atty. Virgilio Paman and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente.
    VPM has established its office at Sampaton Bldg., Roxas Ave. Corner A. Mabini St., Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan
    In order to fulfill its objectives, the VPM will hold public fora in various places in Aklan. The fora will discuss program of government of the candidates their capabilities, their style of leadership and their morality. It will discuss the candidates’ virtues like honesty and diligence among others.
    Moreover, it will review the proven track records of performance and credibility in the previous positions held of the candidates for the May 9, 2016 local and national elections. It will also discuss the style of leadership and approaches in governance./MP 

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