Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    Scrutinize bets during Comelec 2016 debates

    Senate President Franklin M. Drilon this week urges the public to closely watch the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates sponsored by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), so that they will be better informed about who has the best plans and platforms of the next leaders of the country.
    Drilon, said that the public must take a good look and size up the contenders participating in the presidential and vice-presidential debates. The first debate has been slated for February 21 in Cagayan De Oro.
        “I hope that the public will not miss this chance to tune in and listen to the answers that will be given by those who want to lead this country for the next six years. Can they really continue the progresses which have already been made in the past six years?” Drilon asked.       
     “These debates will give the voters throughout the country an important mechanism to know where the candidates stand on critical issues, such as on the fight against corruption, poverty alleviation, ending political dynasties, job generation, and tax reform,” he added.
     “I am sure the public wants to know how these candidates will answer these questions, and that these answers will help determine the outcome of the election,” Drilon said.
      For his part, the four-time Senate President said that he will actively join any debate if the Comelec will choose to host such events for the senatorial candidates in the election: “I will welcome any such opportunity to present my platforms and my suggestions, as a veteran lawmaker, on what political, social and economic reforms we need to undertake to ensure our nation’s continued progress.”
     According to the Comelec, all five presidential candidates – including the Liberal Party’s standard- bearer Manuel Roxas III, will attend the Feb 21 debate, which will be hosted by television network GMA 7 and the newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer that will, revolve around four topics: development, peace and order, track record, Constitution and Mindanao issue./MP

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