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October 11-17, 2015

Jesus Miracle Crusade Prays for Marcos
                             Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos campaigning before a huge crowd.

     FRESH from the blessings he received from Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines President Archbishop Socrates Villegas of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan last Saturday, vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr. was prayed over by pastors of the Jesus Miracle Crusade (JMC) charismatic movement last Sunday.
   The pastors, led by JMC Beloved Minister PojAlmeda, son of the group’s founder and leader, Beloved Pastor Wilde Almeda, performed the laying on of hands to Marcos during the 41st Church anniversary celebration of JMC held at the KB Amoranto Sport Complex in Quezon City.
    In his speech before some 40,000 members who attended the celebration, Marcos said the long years of existence of the JMC whose members have stayed together as brethren is a sign of miracle.
   He also cited the outreach programs of the group to help others here and abroad as symbols of strong faith.
     He reiterated the need for all the Filipinos to unite and help one another to bring progress to the country.
     He said, solutions to the lingering problems of the Filipinos are available and need only to be implemented by a united Philippines in order to succeed.
    Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. today expressed disappointment over the technical glitches in the mock polls conducted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
    Marcos said the poll body should vigorously move to correct all technical glitches in the automated elections system and make sure they are solved at least a month before the May 9 elections.
    The Comelec’s mock polls, conducted last Saturday to test the automated election system, revealed various flaws including technical glitches that delayed voting in some precincts, some ballots rejected as well as transmission problems.
    “We are quite disappointed that the Comelec has not been able to streamline their operation and every step of the way, mukhang nagkakaproblema,” said Marcos.
      He added, “I hope that the Comelec, Chairman (Andres) Bautista especially, would be able to do something to correct these issues way before the elections. Hindi pwedeng one or two days, it has to be at least a month before,” said Marcos.
       He also rejected an earlier announcement from the Comelec of possible postponement of elections in some areas of the country. “Delikado yan. Remember that you cannot delay the elections. It is a constitutional mandate; it must be held on the second Monday of May,” he added.
       Marcos earlier said the glitches in the automated election system is causing a lot of concern for all the candidates.
     “We are all very concerned pagkahindi gumagana yung sistema ng Comelec. Actually everybody is very worried,” he said.
    Likewise, Marcos noted reports that there were problems in the printing of ballots.
    “If there is any way we can assist them we would be happy to do it. But they have to fix it,” he said./MP

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