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Aklan Yolanda Victims Get Aid

Aklan Yolanda Victims Get Aid
by Ernesto T. Solidum
Relief goods for Aklan Typhoon Yolanda victims from Compassion International Philippine Country Office.
The Compassion International Philippine Country Office after a thorough evaluation of households in Aklan adversely affected by super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) last November 8, 2013 decided to continue its relief and rehabilitation efforts. To recall, 175-230 kph winds directly hit all provinces of the Visayan Region and devastated 4.4 million households and their livelihood. 

Aklan province, nine months after the disaster is slowly moving towards full recovery. Thanks to the numerous domestic and international donors. At least one third of the total populations who are poor are still struggling to find decent income from agricultural projects and cottage industries. The community action called bayanihan built temporary shelter made of light materials during time of emergencies.

A total funding of P230,000 was received by Mr. Renato Fuentes, Project Director of Aklan Baptist Student Center at Bulwang, Numancia, Aklan. The money will be used to purchase relief goods for the victims. The target food distribution is 201 households whose kids are enrolled under Project Compassion No. PH 872 while 60 household recipients come from the community. Mass distribution was done on August 4, 2014 at the new annexed building. Each recipient received 23 kgm. of well milled rice and 6 cans of sardines.

Rev. Ulysis Castor, Pastor of Aklan Baptist Church said that this is the fifth event the Church has undertaken in this relief operation. Fortunately, the same donor organization will give another aid in the form of housing construction materials at a cost of P652,000. The identified recipients from the Municipality of Numancia (Bulwang, Camanci Norte, Camanci Sur, Bubog, Pusiw, Navitas, Albasan) and Kalibo (Poblacion, Bakhao Norte) are grouped into two categories namely: partially damaged and completely damaged houses. The former will get corrugated G.I. sheets, plywood and umbrella nails worth P2,000 each while the latter will receive P5,000 worth of similar materials. The date of distribution of construction mater-ials is set for next week.

According to Rev. Castor, three months ago the first release of construction hardware were given to prioritized members of Project Compassion. However, the management later considered another option to give similar benefits to other households in the community, Compassion as the name suggests, knows no borders or payback.

Compassion International is a non-profit, interdenominational organization advocating well rounded Christian education. It targets youth from indigent households and offer them free education, medical and hospitalization benefits, school supplies and supplemental feeding. School kids are fully supported by Christian donors from Australia, New Zealand, USA, and other countries. Financial coverage starts from elementary to college provided their academic grades are satisfactory, exhibit good moral character, and committed to finish the chosen course.

Donors behind humanitarian relief services acknowledge resiliency and courage of Filipino victims to hold on to core moral values amidst widespread catastrophe. Indeed, picking up the pieces needs a bigger hand in all our human struggles. /MP 

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