Thursday, August 14, 2014

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Corrupt Officials Are No Boy Or Girl Scout

“BSP/GSP – Its Positive Impact on Boys and Girls” is the theme of the Camporal/Encampment held on August 9-10, 2014. The activities were a joint Camporal/Encampment of the Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts of the Philippines  Aklan Council.

The first time ever held in Aklan, I was honored to be invited as guest speaker in Aguinaldo T. Rapiedad Sr. Integrated School (ATRSIS), Banga, Aklan.

Their activities started with a  parade on Saturday morning. August 9. This was followed with the opening program which was attended by ATRSIS faculty and staff members led by their principal Ms. Marilyn R. Mabulay.

The Linabuan Sur baranggay officials headed by Hon. Arthur Robelo who represented Hon. Enriquez S. Belarmino – Punong baranggay, and Ms. Daylinda R. Rigodon of Girls Scouts of the Philippines Aklan Council graced the affair.

During the two days, the boys and girls scouts participants numbering 375 learned: 1. first aid and BLS from RN Ethalyn Legaspi and RN Mary Cris Leyson; 2. first aid and disaster preparedness drill; 3. knot tying, knot lashing, and camp fire rituals; 4. exercise and clean up; 5. tree planting; 6. patrol dynamics/games; 7. smartness and good order among others.

Mr. Roland Democrito, Mr. Arfe E. Lachica, Mr. Ronel V. Mabulay, Ms. Agnes B. Bautista, and Ms. Rosalie L. Ramos served as their guiding stars.

Indeed, the two days camporal/encampment is so memorable to the growing men and women members of the boy scouts and girl scouts. They asked their leaders when will it be held again. The good memories of that leadership training through values and skills development are unquantifiable contribution of education for a peaceful and progressive country, the Philippines.

No Corruption

If our present leaders trained in the Boys Scouts Law and Oath and these are instilled in them and practice them as a way of life, the Philippines could have been in “Matuwid na daan” very long time ago. The people are peaceful, contented and happy. The Philippines is peaceful and progressive.

The Boy Scout Law states: “A boy scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient , cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

What more can we ask of a boy scout who observes and obeys these laws?

A boy scout pledges to do his best, do his duty to God and country; to help other people at all times and keep himself morally straight

Come to read, analyze, and obey the scout laws and comply religiously the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

Who among our leaders claim they were members of the Boy Scout and still profess to belong to the Boy Scout today? Maybe, they registered as members of the Boy Scouts, learned Boy Scouts Oath and Law but forget these after their appointment and or elections to various government positions.

Our government leaders and businessmen, if only they obey the Boy Scout Law and Oath, the Philippines will be in the state of “Tiger Economy”, very progressive, peaceful, and in abundance.
Parents, register your sons for membership to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, and your daughters for membership to the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. If the Scout Law and Oath are inculcated among them and if they live as true boy or girl scout, they will be the best replacement for those dishonest, disloyal, and corrupt public officials. /MP

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