Thursday, August 14, 2014


By: Megs S. Lunn

Megs Lunn
Did anyone tell you, “Hey, stop crying like a baby?” “Stop being crazy and stupid?”, “He or she doesn’t deserve you?” “Crying will do no good to you?”

Many times, I experienced felt the feelings. Meaning, letting go through the process of getting hurt, in pain, crying, and suppressing the heartaches and pain. It’s all good not to be afraid of feeling the feelings so close to you and learning from it. What does this mean?

“You shouldn’t feel this way” feeling is not right. You need to feel the feelings so that you will know how to react on it and feel better after. Let loose that feeling of pain, cry out loud, feel the heartaches, shout it out. Feel the connection between you and the feeling so that after letting go off that pain, you will make yourself stronger, better and whole again.

Yes, whole again. I went through heartaches and anger a few times. I learned my lessons after that. Then I opened up and trusted again. I got hurt again. I was in pain again. But all the time, I feel the feelings so that once again, I will feel better, stronger and victorious. Yes, I am human. That feeling is only temporary. Feelings change overtime and I feel it again and I go through the process again, because I am human. At least, I feel the feelings. I do not try to detach myself from that feeling. I can’t control, suppress or keep that feeling forever to myself. 

Take it from me, eventually, you will break down later. Break down now, suffer now and feel better after. Most of the time, if not often, we talk to our closest family member, friend or Spiritual Director. We feel bitter because someone just hurt us. Someone don’t appreciate us, someone keeps hurting us. But then again, you feel better and say I have learned my lesson, but next time, you see things in a different perspective. You have listened to the advises of others, and then you feel different again.

We need to accept that many of us actually have fears of acknowledging that feelings. For men, they are afraid to cry. Because their peers will bully them, ‘you are not a man for crying.” This is actually the other way around, huh! For women, if they cry, they are perceived as ‘crying-baby’ and ‘too emotional’. For others, they are afraid to tell the truth because it may hurt their pride, ego and status. Worst for others, they are afraid to acknowledge that they are indeed human. Because they thought they are supreme, they have status, money, position and it makes them feel better. 
I have learned that when I acknowledge that feeling of your feelings, you are actually using it to make you a better and stronger person. I was taught to use, the feeling of pain as our guide to learn from it and make us a better person. Use it to increase our compassion and for making life more wonderful. 

Do not cut yourself from ‘feeling the feelings’. For we need to learn and grow up! It is the messenger where we need to be connected to the ‘real you’ and to life. Use it to navigate yourselves to be more compassionate to the world around you. Feel that feelings and be human! God has promised a better life after. /MP

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