Sunday, January 25, 2015

24 Philippine Passports Missing

24 Philippine Passports Missing

Some 24 Philippine Passports are missing in Kalibo, Aklan.

This is how the passports were lost. According to Mr. Dionel Leyson y Iradiel, on Wednesday morning, December 24, 2014, LBC Iloilo sent one duffle bag containing assorted documents and cargos thru the Ceres Bus with Bus No. 6282 from Tagbak, Iloilo to Kalibo, Aklan.

However, upon pick-up at Ceres Bus Terminal, Barangay Estancia, Osmena Avenue, Kalibo, Aklan on the same day by LBC staff members of LBC Kalibo, the said duffle bag was nowhere to be found.

Mr. Dionel Leyson, LBC Team leader asked Mr. June Dela Pedra, the conductor of the said Ceres Bus who received the duffle bag in Tagbak, Iloilo manifested that upon arrival in Kalibo, Aklan, Pedra entrusted the said duffle bag of LBC to a certain porter. Moreover, Mr. Richard Mallaris, the dispatcher of that day could not find the said duffle bag.

According to Mr. Leyson, in addition to the 24 Philippine Passports, the duffle bag contained some clothes, Christmas gifts, and gadgets like cellphones.

The missing Philippine passports inside the duffle bag are of the following persons: 1. Jezel Zabala with Passport No. EC2832232; 2. Dalida Gabaldon III – Passport No. EC2829016; 3. Repedro Raquel – Passport No. EC2832073; 4. Garcia Tipenie Jan Riyahd – Passport No. EC2831805; 5. Indedano John Daryl – Passport No. EC28831810; 6. Morias Vizma Lou – Passport No. EC2831973; 7. Patino Maida – Passport No. 2828828; 8. Taluyo Abner – Passport No. EC2828821; 9. Isturis Francis Paul – Passport No. EC2831933; 10. Jun Rico Rowan – Passport No. EC2832348; 11. Mapile Andrew Josea – Passport No. EC2789917; 12. Socias Joaz Ace – Passport No. EC2775727; 13. Erick Emmanuelle Elias – Passport No. EC2825320; 14. Darwin Setubal – Passport No. EC2865266; 15. Ruiz Roselyn – Passport No. EC2865259; 16. Silverio Mark Alvin – Passport No. EC2832367; 17. Tabuena, Rolly – Passport No. EC2873526; 18. Sicias, Aiza – Passport No. EC2789903; 19. Revicente, Toti – Passport No. EC2832350; 20. Tordicillas, Nenita – Passport No. EC2831832; 21. Socias, Princess – Passport No. EC2775801; 22. Tejada, Roderick – Passport No. EC2829885; 23. Renetio, Lorence – Passport No. EC2865134; and 24. Tropa, Christian – Passport No. EC2865135.

The LBC Kalibo Management requests any person who might have mistakenly picked up the said duffle bag to return it to LBC office, Kalibo or Iloilo or to the Kalibo Police Station. Reward will be given to a person who can return the said duffle bag according to Mr. Dionel Leyson. /MP 

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