Monday, January 12, 2015


by: Megs S. Lunn

BFP Numancia INSP Joseph R Cadag led the launching of
the Gift Giving Program.
It is a blessed year-end 2014 for Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) - Numancia. The Numancia Fire Station headed by INSP Joseph R. Cadag, Municipal Fire Marshall launched and conducted for the first time a Gift-Giving Program to selected indigents family of Numancia, Makato, Malinao and Lezo last December  31, 2014. Most of the selected recipients are the poorest of the poor family and are victims of series of fire incidents for the year 2014. 

It is likewise a Happy New Year for the Municipality of Numancia for having back the Fire truck which was gone for repair for more than one year.  The effort to fast tract the repair and get it back home in time for Christmas and the New Year was through the leadership of the new Fire Marshall – INSP Joseph Cadag.  Reports said that at his own expense, he took time to visit Roxas City every weekend to follow up the repair. It was also through his effort that two personnel: FO3 Ureta and FO3 Flores from Ibajay Fire Station were transferred back to Numancia Fire Station.

The Numancia Fire Station serves the municipalities of Numancia, Malinao, Lezo and Makato. The BFP Numancia Fire Station is always ready to respond to other neighboring towns if needed.  

The newly repaired Fire Truck has 6000 liters of water capacity compared to other Fire Trucks in other towns. In fact, it was a disappointment for Numancia and other towns for not having it around for more than one year when it was out of service. Though with the four areas of responsibilities of the fire station, one old model fire truck is inadequate. However, now that it is back, the people feels safer. /MP 

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