Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Higante Contest And Aklan Festivals Are Top Attractions

Higante Contest And Aklan Festivals
Are Top Attractions
by Ernesto T. Solidum

One of the biggest attractions of the Kalibo Sto. Nino Ati-atihan festival is the “Higante” contest and Aklan Festivals parade. This are held on January 15, 2015 (Thursday) featuring giant figures of legend or folklore, spirited street dancing complete with colorful props, music and choreography.

Ms. Roselle Ruiz, Provincial Tourism Officer said that there are eight (8) official entries for higante contest namely: Balete – Manughaboe, Ibajay – Ati sa Katunggan, Kalibo, Madalag – Maniwangtiwang, Malinao – Mahugod nga Mangunguma, Nabas – Bariw Ati, Numancia – Ibo Mabias, and Tangalan – Ati it Tangalan. 

Judging will be based on Relevance – 30 percent, Creativity – 30 percent, Artistry – 30 percent, and Audience impact – 10 percent. Giant figures made of paper or plaster cast with moving hands, arms, and head shall have greater impact to the audience. Culture relevance is to conquer our goliaths of fear, poverty, ignorance and superstition.

Visitors and tourists can take a glimpse of Aklan festivals in their unique and contemporary rendition of paying homage to God for His rich blessings. Kalibo will showcase Sto. Nino Ati-atihan Festival, Balete – Enchanting Balete (Pangabuhi-an sa Among Banwa), Banga – Saguibin Festival, Ibajay – Ati-ati Festival (Ninos Inocentes), Lezo – Bayangan Festival (Banua Kaangan), Madalag – Tinuom ni Aewag, Nabas – Bariw Ati-ati Sadsad, Numancia – Lechon Festival ag mga Datagnong Ati, Tangalan – Bugna it Tangalan Festival and Malay – Fiesta de Obreros.

Stiff competition is expected on street dancing and group presentations where agility and stamina of performers are at stake. Parade will start at Corner D. Maagma St. and wind at Pastrana Park. Criteria are Choreography – 40 percent, Performance, Endurance, and Execution – 30 percent, Costume and Props – 10 percent, Musicality – 10 percent and Visual Impact – 10 percent.

“Ati in the Locality” is overall theme sponsored by the Provincial government of Aklan.

Aklan Artworks At Provincial Capitol
Some 45 original paintings and artworks are currently on display at the lobby of the Provincial Capitol Building. This is contributed by 10 visual artists known for their talents of working in various media as acrylic oil, water color, and wood sculpture.

Most of the artworks are done by Mrs. Erlinda Quimpo Wilson, Plein Air Impressionist. Her collection includes picturesque scenes in Boracay, Jawili and in the United States.

Aptly titled as “Pinta Grasya,” it is jointly sponsored by Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo, RC of Roxas City and RC of Forbes Park, Makati City to benefit disabled youth (deaf mute, harelip and amputees). Specific projects include “Operation Taghoy”, Mend a Child and Project Walk, the former under Uplift Internationale whose Executive Coordinator is Ms. Megs Lunn.

Managing the exhibit is Mr. Ricky T. Molo, Pres. Of RC Metro Kalibo. His personal works include oil paintings namely: Orchids, Birds of Paradise, Sailboat and Secret Garden. Other visual artists are Alfreed M. Zaspa with his abstract paintings, Anastacio Dalupang (Body paintings), Mario A. Perucho (Social Realistic Artist), Arch. Jose A. Dureza, Tee Jay I. Dadivas, Wilbert Custodio (Wooden sculpture and oil paintings). Lester John Lumio and Jeddy Rose Dalida are both deaf mute artists.

Public display runs from January 8 to 26, 2015. It opens daily during office hours. /MP

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