Sunday, May 03, 2015

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Is Marianos Bridge 
Construction Abandoned?
by Ambrosio R. Villorente

A congressman of Hongkong has branded Filipino domestic workers in Hongkong as “Home Wrecker”. A wrecker is “a person or thing that wrecks, a person who causes ruin, a person who demolishes or dismantles.” Those are the meanings of wrecker found in the dictionary.

According to that Hongkong woman congressman, their Filipino domestic workers are home wreckers. This is very serious, and grave imputation.

She accused our women countrymen of destroying their homes, their families. Is it right to say that the people of Hongkong employs Filipino domestic workers to tidy their respective homes? To cook for them? To take good care of their children? to keep watch their houses while they are away? To wash their clothes?

If after rendering these services, they still brand the Filipino domestic workers, “WRECKERS” then they are ungrateful masters. With the meager salary they pay their domestic workers, they must be grateful to the Filipinos. These Filipino domestic workers highly deserve our sympathy. They aren’t home wreckers.

Our domestic workers in Hongkong demand that the Hongkong congresswoman apologies to them and say “SORRY”. If not, they request our government to approve a resolution declaring that Hongkong congresswoman “persona von grata”. Better still if they go home, work and earn here.

If their Filipino domestic workers are home wreckers, why do the Hongkong families keep on employing them? They have all the rights and capabilities to terminate their services with them. Anyway, our Overseas Filipino Workers are proclaimed Filipino modern heroes.

Endless Construction

The construction of Marianos Bridge in Brgy. Marianos, Numancia, Aklan is appearing to be endless. It is not only endless, it is also ugly. It is already ugly, moreover, it is dangerous.

That bridge is projected to be completed for 100 calendar days construction. Construction of it started on June 23, 2014. After 10 months or 300 days, its completion is unsighted. Is this “Todo Asenso?”

It is very much delayed. What does the project engineer do? Perhaps he/she is in deep slumber. Please wake up and comply with your duties.

The sight in Marianos, Numancia is very ugly. It is dangerous to both motorists and pedestrians. Its completion is uncertain as nobody is working on it these days. Is this abandoned?

It will be best for the DPWH to move out those obstructions on the construction site and replace it with the necessary road safety signage to prevent accidents.

Territorial Disputes

Former Navy Commander Tomas Cloma at the end of World War II claimed he discovered “Freedomland” at South Philippine Sea. Since then, the Philippines assumed ownership of it. The Philippine authorities apprehended foreigners who fished on it. This included the Chinese. But the Philippine Sea is in jeopardy. There are now several claimants which include Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Brunei.

The Chinese has occupied several islands, constructed airports and military headquarters. They are preventing Filipino fishermen from fishing in the area they used to fish. They do not only drive them, the Chinese fire guns and water cannons to drive them away. What can our government do to enforce Philippine sovereignty over the South Philippine Sea? 

Let us retaliate. The Chinese refused to negotiate diplomatically. They want to negotiate with the use of the barrels of the guns. The Filipino cannot match the muscle of the Chinese, but we have several allies, strong allies. Can we rely on them? Maybe, yes. /MP

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