Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Juander Celebrates 4th Anniversary In Palawan

I Juander Celebrates 4th
Anniversary In Palawan

After years of exploring the rich Filipino culture, solving mysteries and even busting myths that center on long-held beliefs, GMA News TV’s I Juander celebrates its fourth year this May.

Week after week, seasoned broadcast journalists Susan Enriquez and Cesar Apolinario embark on carefully-researched episodes aiming to get to the bottom of widely-accepted Filipino notions and take with them the viewers on a journey through the nation’s dynamic and ever evolving culture and society.

With the help of field experts, Susan and Cesar also break misconceptions and disprove age-old Filipino myths by investigating the truth behind these fascinating superstitions.

This month, I Juander sets sail to the magnificent island of Palawan for its two-part anniversary special.

Here, Susan and Cesar discover the stories about the Philippines’ “last frontier” and why Palawan was nicknamed as such. Susan takes a dip in what is possibly the country’s most pristine lake, with its immaculate emerald water. Cesar, for his part, plunges deep into the Palawan waters and sees for himself the ship wreck and learn about the story behind it.

The second part of I Juander’s fourth anniversary special finds the hosts engrossed in a food trip showcasing the best cuisines of the Palawan Island from the infamous nido soup to the bountiful and freshest catch the sea has to offer.

Hop on aboard with Susan Enriquez and Cesar Apolinario for the two-part anniversary special of I Juander airing this May 13 and 20 only on GMA News TV. /MP

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