Monday, May 25, 2015


By Odon S. Bandiola

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao climbs the ring at the MGM Grand Arena at Las Vegas determined to box and engage in a brawl.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the other protagonist, climbs the ring to sway, glide, dance and run and to hug his partner for 36 minutes.

It was an incompatible pair, Pacman of boxing has no business meeting “Money”, the greatest atop the ring of all times.

It would have been wise, execiting and amazing for Mayweather to be paired with the PacMom”, Mommy D, Pacman’s mother in an exhilarating ballroom dancing.

I doubt if Mayweather could last twelve rounds hugging and swaying Mommy D at the MGM Grand Arena.
Mayweather hallucinated saying that he is the “greatest”, greater than Ali. He is miles and miles away from greatness, the likes of Ali, Joe Frazier, George Forman, Mike Tayson, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marrin Hagler, Roberto Duran, the real boxers.

He hallucinated of being the greatest exhibiting his unblemished 48-0 record not admitting that many of those wins were questionable.

Many experts call it scientific boxing on the part of Mayweather. To me it is not boxing at all. Boxing is engaging contact sports. It is not about hit and run, it is not about treating the ring as a dancing hall or making the ring a track oval.

Judges in the Mayweather-Pacquiao bout had done injustice to the boxing fans all over the world. To many, their lopsided scores could have been reversed in favor of Pacquiao. Referee Bayless is never an exception. He allowed Mayweather to throw low blows, head locked Pacquiao and wrestled Pacquiao’s neck.

Experts talked about compubox scoring in favor of Mayweather. But human fingers press entries to this compubox which cheated many deserving winners in amateur boxing in the Olympics and regional meets.

Mayweather hallucinated with self-acclaimed greatness forgetting that greatness is only achieved by the love in the hearts of the people and adoration on the minds of sports followers and aficionados. Mayweather has a scarcity on this score.

Mayweather failed miserably to get the hearts and minds of boxing fans all over the world.

Minutes after his bout with Pacquiao, he stepped on the rope strands of the ring and waved to people at the MGM Grand Arena which was jampacked with no vacant seats left.

He was overwhelmingly booed no end. Where is his greatness here?

Pacquiao instead got the overwhelming cheers and applause of the crowd, boxing fans indirectly affirming Pacquiao’s victory and greatness.

Pacquiao remains the People’s champ all over the world.

Paying boxing fans and aficionados all over the world felt cheated with Mayweather’s antic in the ring. They paid abnormally too much to see a bout where one protagonist, Mayweather, refused to engage. /MP

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