Thursday, October 07, 2010

Aklan SP To Approve Resolution On Blood Banking Facilities

The three committees of the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) recommended on October 6, 2010 during the body’s 13th regular session, the approval of a resolution requesting Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez to include in the province’s development plan and annual budget appropriation next year the procurement of equipment and installation of facilities for the much needed blood banking facilities at the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital.

Reviewed and evaluated by the Committee on Laws, Rules and Ordinances, Committee on Budget, Finance, Appropriations and Ways and Means, and the Committee on Health, the proposed resolution of SP member Victor Manuel M. Garcia on the subject is set to be calendared during the next session on second reading for debates and amendments bearing the three committees’ favorable recommendation.

For equipment alone, the smaller capacity blood bank equipment will cost the province P3.8 million while the bigger capacity will cost about P4.9 million.

The standard equipment for the blood bank facilities are the brand new blood bank refrigerator, brand new plasma freezer, brand new portable automatic sealer, brand new pharmaceutical refrigerator, brand new blood collection mixer, brand new biomedical freezer, and brand new refrigerated centrifuge.

Garcia’s resolution also calls for the hiring of qualified personnel to man the blood bank: a duly licensed physician as head and certified in Clinical Pathology or blood banking by the Philippine Society of Pathologists; certified in blood transfusion by the Philippine Society of Pathologists; certified in blood transfusion by the Philippine Society of Blood Transfusion and certified in Anatomic Pathology by PSP or in Hematology by the PHSBT.

The proposed blood bank will also require the services of four (4) medical technologists distributed in shift for 24 hours with at least 6 months on the job experience in blood banking service; one (1) designated and trained/qualified Donor Recruit-ment Officer; and one (1) designated qualified and trained senior medical technologist as Quality Assurance Officer.

As to space, the blood bank will require ideal space to conform with the Manual Standards of the Department of Health.

Garcia stressed that the need for blood banking or processing facilities in Aklan has already become so serious and urgent that the provincial government must immediately consider and implement.

Garcia was prompted to introduce this resolution in the light of the never ending and critical problem of the lack of blood supply magnified by the outbreak of Dengue in Aklan. (by Richie D. Oloroso) /MP

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