Thursday, October 07, 2010

AMS Asks Aklan Doctors Never Smoke In Public

Officers and members of the Aklan Medical Society (AMS) are asking their members to refrain from smoking in public to serve as models for their patients.

Dr. Oscar Hilario, newly-elected president of the AMS, said that the executives agreed to promote healthy lifestyle among the physicians and one of these is to encourage them to quit smoking.

"Our officers are currently monitoring our members who are smoking in public and we will have them discouraged to do so," Hilario said.

In the same way, the AMS has called on the public to report to their office any doctor who is found smoking in public. The AMS can only, however, reprimand doctors who are members.

"As doctors, we do not want to be blamed for diseases caused by second-hand smoke. We want to become a model for healthy lifestyle for the public," Hilario said. (PNA)

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