Friday, July 12, 2013


Condemns Sex For Fly And Aklan’s 
Rape Culprits

MOVE – Men Opposed To Violence Against Women Everywhere – Aklan condemns the recent violence inflicted to our Filipino women seeking for a better life abroad despite the risks attendant to their plight. We emphatize with their dreams and sacrifices by not seeing love ones for years, give up roles as nurturing parents/relatives, alienated from families and friends. The recent revelations of supposed victims in the “sex in exchange for free flight” to the Philippines deserve our utmost condemnation.

It is grossly deplorable that the persons who are their supposed protectors are the abusers and perpetrators of dastardly acts. These atrocities committed against the women demean their dignity not only in the country but also in foreign countries and that we are a nation that devours our own being. MOVE Aklan therefore demands our government as prime duty bearer and other concerned institutions and individuals to seek the truth, pursue justice to the victims and survivors and institute reforms in the concerned government agencies dealing with overseas Filipino workers especially women.

MOVE Aklan also condemns the rape and murder of Leah Lee Cipriano, a 26 year old Aklanon who was found in a shallow grave in Agbalogo, Makato, Aklan last June 2013. Believed to be gang raped, murdered and buried by suspects who are still at large, the heinous acts deserve our highest denunciation. These (animal like) actions had no place in Aklan province and other areas in the country. 

As persons who respect and love the women and girls, MOVE Aklan therefore demands the speedy arrest of the suspects and that justice be served to Leah Lee Cipriano. Furthermore, MOVE Aklan enjoins the Aklanon community, the local government units and other concerned agencies to operationalize the barangay VAW desks and educate the people on the men’s role in the elimination of violence against women.

Convention For Solemnizing Officers

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is urging solemnizing officers and other civil registration advocates and stakeholders in Aklan to join the 8th National Convention of Solemnizing Officers (8NCSO) on August 6-8, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Davao City.

The convention has its theme: “Civil Registration: Bringing Public Service Closer to the People.”

According to Statistical Officer Blas M. Solidum, the convention aims to be a venue for exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences among solemnizing officers-mayors, members of judiciary, priests, ministers of gospel, tribal leaders as well as civil registrars.

The topics to be discussed are updates on marriage laws, latest jurisprudence affecting marriages, marriage registration procedure, and registration of the authority of solemnizing officers.

“Solidum is strongly encouraging all solemnizing officers especially those newly elected local chief executives to participate in this nationwide conference so that they will be equipped with sufficient knowledge in solemnizing marriages. 

The NCSO is a biennial convention the NSO spearheads. The last convention was held in Laoag City in August 2011.

Mr. Solidum invites those who are interested to visit NSO Provincial Office located at N. Roldan St., Kalibo, Aklan or contact telephone number 268-9217 on the said event. /MP

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