Sunday, July 07, 2013

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Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Aklan’s Continuing Progress

The transition of  Aklan provincial governance from the progressive leadership of  former  governor Carlito S. Marquez  to governor Florencio “Joeben” T. Miraflores can be seen, without fear of contradiction, of Aklan’s continuing progress.

The Marquez administration spanning nine consecutive years had been recognized in its highly laudable agricultural and tourism programs, coupled with effective financial management, among others. His other economic programs had contributed to the reduction of poverty incidence.

A political writer in Aklan had once observed that the former Aklan governor had assiduously studied and exercised his powers and performed his duties as provided for in Section 465 of the Local Government Code of 1991.

Before Marquez’s governorship was the nine years administration of then Aklan governor Joeben Miraflores provincial administration characterized by efficient, effective and economical governance for the general welfare of the province and its inhabitants.

What Miraflores eminently achieved, the Marquez administration continued. So, many of the accomplishments diligently and seriously improved the areas that needed to become better. What Marquez prominently accomplished, the Miraflores administration now desires to continue and also make better furthermore. 

Surely, with the transition in Aklan provincial governance, Aklanons can be assured of continuing progress and development under the (second) Miraflores administration.

As I write this, my mind races back to the early morning of June 15, 2013 at Cafe Lattee when PAPI president Juan P. Dayang invited former congressman Allen S. Quimpo and this writer for a morning cup of coffee. Since Governor Miraflores was there when we arrived, we briefly exchanged views with the Aklan governor as he was bound for Manila while waiting for a guest. Thereafter, we transferred to the area where Johnny Dayang was seated. He confided that he had an earlier talk with the Aklan governor before we arrived.

A few days latter, Dayang wrote about the Aklan governor in his column in a national tabloid titled Echoes From, thus: “His election as governor of Aklan, where Boracay Island is part, augurs well for this tourism jewel. “Joeben” as he is fondly called, has been undefeated since he ran for Ibajay town mayor, then governor, then congressman for nine years. Now, he comes back as Governor of a first class province.

“As Aklan governor from 1995 to 2004, Joeben envisioned and actualized the dream of Aklanons, and of the country to make Boracay island one of the world’s major tourists destinations. Today, over million tourists visit Boracay every year, earning for the Philippines more than P23 billion annually.

“Joeben who successfully served as House of Representatives tourism czar, is expected by Aklanons to further improve and enhance their tourism industry as Boracay faces various challenges to restore its natural beauty and assets, and rationalize its revenue earning tourism industry.”

Notes: Mahatma Gandhi, father of India’s peaceful quest for independence once succinctly said that there shall be seven things that destroy man: “Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without  character; Religion without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; Business without ethics”. /MP

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