Monday, August 03, 2015

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Smiling Faces Of Aklan LTO Personnel

Congratulations to the personnel of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Brgy. Tigayon, Kalibo, Aklan for giving to the people prompt, cordial, and friendly services. I was at LTO office on Thursday at 10:00 o’clock in the morning, July 30 to renew the registration of my car. I met the LTO personnel with smiling faces, very eager to serve me. In one hour, the registration of my car was renewed.

For one hour, the following services were done: 1.Stenciling of motor engine number; 2. Smoke emission testing; 3.Renewal of car insurance; 4. Payment of registration fee; and 5. Issuance of official receipt.

While the LTO in Aklan are courteous and friendly in the performance of their official duties, the LTO high level managers in Metro Manila are poorly and miserably providing assistance to their frontline personnel in the provinces. One example is the compulsory change of car plate number. My car plate number looks new, but I was compelled to pay P450.00 for the new plate number. However, though I paid for the new plate, there is no car plate available, I must wait for its uncertain arrival date.

Moreover, I was also compelled to pay P200 fine for late re-registration. The renewal of my car registration is in the month of July and I renewed its registration on July 30, 2015, yet I was told I was late by one week. Hence, I must pay P200 fine.

When I claimed for the 2015-2016 car sticker, I was told, car sticker is not yet available. Here is a government office: LTO which collects penalty for a very short delay in the renewal of car registration, but it does not comply in its obligation. This is not the fault of its field personnel in the provinces like in Aklan but it is caused by top level LTO officials in Quezon City.
The School Head I Like

In a cursory way of research, it is concluded that a school head like the head teacher and principal must possess some certain desirable characteristics to be effective and productive. An ideal principal in the DepEd has a challenging and difficult role to perform in the production of graduates who are loving and loyal to their community, country and fellowmen. A school head must be professionally capable, possesing desirable traits and favorable attitudes.

For one thing, he must exhibit leadership. He takes responsibility both in the successes and the failure of his school. He puts needs of others after himself. He looks to improve his school always and figures out how to realize that improvement no matter how difficult to implement. A principal who does not lead easily becomes jobless later.

A principal must be adept with people. He must connect with each person he deals with, like the teachers, support staff, parents and community members.

He balances tough love with earned praise, especially with the students and teachers. But he is neither push over nor allow mediocrity. He sets attainable standard and live with it.

He is fair and consistent. Credibility is fast eroded due to inconsistency. A school head is also organized and prepared. Each day presents a different challenges that require preparation and organization to meet the challenges. It helps to be organized and prepared for each day is unpredictable.

A school head is the best listener. He needs to prepare to deal with angry student, a disgruntled teacher who may get inside his office. It will disarm a difficult situation if the school head cares to listen to one who felt enraged some way. They need the ears of the school head.

Education is ever dynamic. Hence, school head is visionary. There are always something better and bigger on the way ahead. There is always room for improvement. A school head who does not improve his school is not only stagnant, he is stunted.

According to Ms. Jessica M. Rebustes, a school head must be engaged compassionately and actively in the learning of the students in his school. He is a risk taker and encourages innovation. He builds the capacity of his subordinates. He is respectful. Even if his view is different from others, the school head respects it. He allows other persons to express their views. A school head believes he can learn from his and others’ mistakes.

A school head is trustworthy. He acts honestly and encourages students and teachers to do the same. Moreover, a school, he is also a catalyst. He is an agent of change with the view to produce not only quantity but high quality products. He is genuine as he enjoys being with the company of others.

For one thing, a school head must be approachable. He smiles to people. He is honorable worthy of emulation and respect especially for what he says, his thoughts, and actions.

He is compassionate. He deeply and sincerely cares for his people, his work and his environment. Are you this principal? /MP

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