Thursday, August 27, 2015

Patubas Cuarteronhon Showcases Barangay Agri Products by James Earl E. Ogatis
Patubas Cuarteronhon: Dr. Joyce S. Wendam, DA-6 Regional Technical Director encouraging all Cuarteronhon to embrace organic agriculture program and produce safe, healthy and nutritious foods. Through organic agriculture, farmers can reduce production cost, increase production, increase farmers’ income, provide more employment and eventually reduce poverty. (JEEOgatis photo)
Papag/Talipapa competition: The entries of barangay San Antonio (top photo) and barangay Poblacion Ilawod (lower photo) show agricultural products produced by their respective farmers during the 77th founding anniversary of Cuartero, Capiz.
The conduct of Patubas Cuarteronhon showcased agricultural products from the 22 barangays of Cuartero, Capiz as displayed on their Papag/Talipapa competition in line with its 77th founding anniversary-August 23, 2015.

Mayor Tito L. Mayo of Cuartero, Capiz said that Patubas Cuarte-ronhon honoured the farmers, fishers and livestock raisers in their unending sacrifices and drive to produce food for the municipality.

He said that the concept of papag/talipapa competition stems from the usual practice that in every barangay there is papag/talipapa wherein agricultural products are sold by the residents.

Among the criteria in judging the papag competition are originality, orderliness, creativity and completeness of the products displayed. Through this, we can encourage people to produce bahay-kubo commodities which are in demand among rural folks.

Meanwhile Dr. Joyce S. Wendam, DA-6 Regional Technical Director, said that various BuB projects are on the pipeline for the municipality of Cuartero.

“For 2015, the DA-BuB has funded Php1 million project intended for livestock sector, Php1.5 million for distribution of farm inputs in rice program and Php8 million for farm to market road going to brgy. Mainit.” Dr. Wendam said.

She also encourages the Cuarteronhon to embrace organic agriculture program and produce safe, healthy and nutritious foods.

She stressed that organic agriculture program will enable farmers to become competitive in the world market and likewise mitigate climate change.

Among the activities participated by the farmers aside from the Papag\Talipapa competition are: PINAKA contest for largest Buko, heaviest banana bunch and squash, longest eggplant, ampalaya, patola and upo/kalubay; Coconut dehusking; Corn-grain hand shelling; Rice -grain hand dehulling; Brasos/Ukbo contest; Tornillo contest and Poster making contest. /MP

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