Wednesday, August 19, 2015

PSA Deploys Hundreds Of Workers For POPCEN 2015

PSA Deploys Hundreds Of Workers For POPCEN 2015
Hundreds of hired personnel throughout Aklan are deployed by the Philippine Statistics Authority to conduct the biggest census of population which started on August 10 in Aklan.

Some 512 census enumerators are fielded to undertake the house-to-house visit and data collection. Some 158 supervisors are assigned to closely monitor and ensure the efficient conduct of the census operation.

The Census of Population is an inventory of the population of the entire country conducted every five years. It also collects information about basic characteristics of the population such as age, sex, marital status, and highest grade/year completed which are vital in making rational plans and programs towards national and local development.

Mrs. Rodelyn Panadero, Interim Provincial Statistics Officer, said that all households, housing units, and institutional living quarters such as hotels, boarding houses, dormitories will be covered in the listing.

Likewise, all Filipinos residing in Philippine embassies, missions, and consulates abroad will also be enumerated.

She said that data on census is very important for government in the allocation of resources and revenues, creation of political and administrative units and other plans for better services, improve the quality of life and solve existing problems.

“The reference date for the POPCEN 2015 is August 1, 2015. This means that all persons to be enumerated as members of a household or as residents of an institutional living quarter will be as of 12:01 am, August 1, 2015,” Mrs. Panadero said. 

Mrs. Panadero appeals to Aklanons to support the POPCEN 2015 by giving accurate and reliable information to PSA’s data collectors.

She assured the public that the information provided will not be used against them in lawsuit or in any investigation as guaranteed by law. /MP

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