Monday, August 03, 2015

Police Reports By Nida Gregas – PO3

Aklan PNP Strikes Again Against Drug Peddles

The joint elements of Aklan police strikes again against two (2) peddlers in Aklan specifically at Brgy. Mambog, Banga, Aklan.

The suspects are identified as Emmanuel Neric y Tresvalles, male, 24, single, resident of Brgy. Poblacion, Altavas, Aklan and Emiltn Ilejay y Reve-sencio, 37, single, native of 1407 Lord Court, Stockton, California, USA. She is presently staying at Villa Salvacion, Toting Reyes St., Kalibo, Aklan.

Recovered  from the suspects’ possession are as follows:

From Emmanuel Neric are five (5) pcs One Thousand Pesos (P1,000.00) with serial No. TF002468 (boodle marked) worth Five Thousand Pesos buy-bust money while recovered from asset one (1) heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance of suspected shabu marked by seizing officer as EN with date 7-27-15 and signature of seizing officer.

Further recovered from immediate possession custody and control of another suspect Emilyn Ilejay y Revesencio inside the sling bag are:

Two (2) pieces heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance of suspected shabu, one (1) piece improvised burner with print BOSS, three (3) plastic tube pipe , one (1) piece glass tube pipe improvised, one piece improvised bamboo clipper, four (4) pieces open heat sealed transparent plastic sachets with residue of suspected shabu, one piece Eye Glass box with print Zerododici of Benetton,color white and yellow, one (1) Bundle of empty plastic sachet containers, one (1) piece improvised pack covered by electrical tape, Digital Pocket Scale, color silver, seven (7) pieces glass tube vials which contain with print LIDOCAINE HCI EPINEPHRINE, seven (7) pieces Glass tube vials empty with print LIDOCAINE HCI EPINEPHRINE, one (1) pack paper container pack, one (1) piece stainless steel scissor, one (1) pice cloth bag/sling bag with print City of Berlin and one (1) piece Twenty Peso Bill.

All suspects are informed of their offense in Violation of Section 11, Article II of RA 9165 and appraised of their constitutional rights;

The inventory o confiscated items was conducted inside the stock room beside the place of drug transaction due to bad weather condition in the presence of the suspects Prosecutor 1 FLOSEMER CHRIS GONZALES as DOJ Representative, Hon. Aquilino C. Quimpo, Brgy. Kagawad of Brgy. Mambog, Banga, Aklan and Mr. Arbelle Z. Zausa as Media Representative from Brigada FM.

 The successful operation was spearheaded by PAIDSOTG under direct supervision of PSINSP BERNARD P UFANO, Chief PAIDSOG, Aklan PPO PIB under direct supervision of PCINSP DANILO DELOS SANTOS and Banga PNP led by PINSP GEO A COLIBAO, Deputy PAIDSOTG and SPO4 Angelito S. De Jose, OIC Banga MPS with PDEA 6 coordination.

The suspects were placed under arrest and informed of their offense, and their constitutional rights. They were brought to the DRSTMH hospital, Kalibo, Aklan for medical examination. After which, booking and documentation are conducted at Banga police station while the case is being prepared for filing of appropriate charges in court. Officer on case is PO3 Eric Lachica, investigator on-case. /MP

Neutralizes No.1 Most Wanted Person

In the morning July 27, 2015, at Brgy. Osman, Malinao, Aklan the accused Geovani Masula Y Lagaspi, 60 years old, married, and a resident of Brgy. Tamokoe, Tangalan Aklan was intercepted.

The joints elements of APSC led by PSUPT ROGEN MORALES Y ALMASAN, Aklan PIB led by PSINP BERNARD UFANO, CIDG Aklan led by PCI JOHN PAUL A TOVERA, and Malinao MSP led by  PI RYAN D PANADERO implemented LOI Manhunt Charlie at Brgy. Osman, Malinao, Aklan. They arrested the accused GEOVANI MASULA, Rank No. 1.Most Wanted Person of Aklan who was sighted at the aforesaid Barangay and has a pending warrant of arrest for the crime of Murder with Criminal Case number 3524 issued by Marieta J. Homena-Valencia, Presiding Judge, RTC Br 1, Kalibo, Aklan dated April 16, 2012 and Homicide with Criminal Case no. 10755 issued by Domingo L Casiple, Presiding Judge, RTC Br 7 Kalibo, Aklan.

While the said operatives were conducting briefing at the side of a hilly portion of aforesaid barangay, two (2) single motorcycles approached in their position. PO3 Roy Iguin flagged down one motorcycle and the back rider identified as the subject/accused alighted. When he heard the operatives identified themselves as PNP, accused suddenly drew and pointed his cal. 45 pistol towards the operatives. In that juncture sensing danger on their lives, operatives had no choice but to defend themselves. They fired at the suspect hitting on his body that resulted to his death. PO3 Roy Iguin was slightly hit by the bullet on his head and immediately brought to a Kalibo Hospital for treatment.

Two (2) male companions of the accused were apprehended. Recovered from Raymond Tambong, 28 years old, single and a resident of Brgy. Libang, Makato, Aklan was one (1) plastic toy handgun. One (1) bolo was recovered from the possession and control of Arche Legaspi y Taran, 28 years old, single and resident of Brgy. Bibo Tangalan, Aklan. The two were brought at Malinao MPS for Investigation and proper disposition.

A case for Obstruction of Justice was filed against Raymund Tambong and Arche Legaspi y Taran at the Provincial Prosecutors Office on July 28, 2015 by the Malinao Police. However, it was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The cadaver of the accused was brought to Daguno Funeral Service, Kalibo, Aklan./MP

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