Thursday, May 23, 2013

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Education For Loving And Faithful 
Pilipinos To RP

Due to the death of a Taiwanese fisherman in an incident in Philippines waters north of Cagayan province, the authorities in Taiwan demanded apologies from the Philippines. It also demanded payment as compensation to the family of the dead fisherman. It set a deadline with treats.

And president P-noy immediately complied with. He sent his apologies. However, the Taiwanese rejected the apology as the Taiwanese believed, it lacks sincerity. As to the compensation, there is nothing paid yet.

These actions of a Taiwanese government requiring apologies and payment for the death of its citizen with deadline is a manifestation of lack of respect to a sovereign country like the Philippines. It is arrogance devoid of acceptable diplomacy.

The immediate sending of “apology” of the Philippines government means lack of guts. The Taiwanese government has so humiliated the Philippines. It became unfriendly to its neighbor. The Philippines should not have apologized to an arrogant and unfriendly island.

What are the Filipinos afraid of the Taiwanese government?
First, the Philippines has no diplomatic relation with Taiwan. There is no diplomatic relation to break. This is in accordance with “one China policy”.

Second, true we have economic relations. However, the Taiwanese need the Filipinos more than we need them. Recall all the Filipinos working in Taiwan and its industry will collapse. Stop the buying of Taiwanese products, the more its manufacturing industry will collapse. It is so disgusting to continue a friendly relation with a hostile island. 

This Taiwanese fisherman incident is a great reminder for us to minimize the sending of Filipino human resources abroad, if not stopped. While they earn money, they are humiliated, some are raped, some are tortured, and others die. 

It is difficult to imagine for the Philippines spending so much for the education of its people and after graduation leave the country for the benefit of foreigners.

It pains to think that the largest portion of the National Budget is for the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education and the graduates go abroad to serve foreign masters.

The most important factor in productivity is human resource. All other factors of production like money, machine, material, method and time are just wasted with unqualified manpower.
But the Philippine is spending the biggest portion of her budget for the education of her people geared to work abroad. It is time now to review Philippine education policy with emphasis to produce graduates who can live and prosper in the Philippines.

It is now time to produce Filipinos via education and training who are faithful, loyal and loving to the Philippines and the Pilipino. Through thick and thin, stay, work, earn and live happily in the Philippines. The Philippines is rich with natural resources just waiting for sincere, dedicated, and industrious Filipinos to develop and profit from them.

The Philippines has more lands still uncultivated. This land must be developed to produce more food for her people. It has wide ocean rich with marine and other aquatic resources. 

It has more rivers which when develop will help increase agricultural productivity. These rivers must be harnessed not only for irrigation purpose but to produce electricity, use as flood control and land reclamation. The 7,107 islands are so beautiful that attract more people to visit the Philippines. These must be developed for the good of the Pilipinos. /MP

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