Thursday, May 02, 2013

How I Will Solve Kalibo Traffic?

The position for mayor of Aklan’s capital of Kalibo is being contested in the May 13, 2013 elections by two heavy weights. They are Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, former Mayor of Kalibo, a three term Congressman of Aklan.

Running against Quimpo is the incumbent Mayor William S. Lachica.

Ms. Megs S. Lunn, president of Aklan Press Club, Inc. asked them: “If elected Mayor of Kalibo, how will you solve the pressing traffic problem and air pollution in Kalibo?” 
Here is the answer.

ATTY. ALLEN S. QUIMPO: “I agree traffic is simply a question of management. Most progressive communities institute their traffic program as a management program. The functions of traffic is given to a department to take care of organizing, planning, supervising, directing, implementing, controlling and evaluating its effectiveness. 

Kalibo should adopt a 30 year development and its impact on traffic. 

Unfortunately Kalibo lacks traffic program both on the short and long term aspects, results to traffic, traffic, traffic. 
Consider the following: 1. No qualified and responsible traffic bureau in Kalibo.
2. No clear cut policy on town planning resulting in unbalanced concentration of traffic in certain areas, like the streets around the market.

3. Weak political will to enforce traffic laws, rules, and ordinances especially in the “NO PARKING ZONE” around the congested areas.

4. Poor choice of tricycle terminals thus adding to the traffic mess;

5. No system of a regular review, evaluation of the causes of the traffic congestion;

6. The policy of using the Toting Reyes Road should be reviewed and repealed. Likewise, the policy of cancelling Wednesday as a market day and having only Sunday as the market day should be likewise reviewed as to their effects on traffic. 

On the long plan, Kalibo has not embarked on its traffic projections in the next 20-30 years which is really the work of an institutionalized permanent traffic department. 

Thus, I believe that the traffic mess in Kalibo is the result of an organized failure to institute an effective traffic management program.” (Lachica’s response will follow in the next issue) /MP

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