Thursday, May 16, 2013

Significant Provincial Economic Growth Figures


Mr. Recto Vidal my younger colleague in terms of age but my peer in terms of journalistic experience, a media veteran, reported as follows:

Aklan’s domestic transaction in local trade as of 2012 reached 45,2011 metric tons volume of goods valued at P1.2 billion. This is an increase of more than three times than 2011 which posted only a volume of 13,699 metric tons of goods transactions; and

New construction projects in Aklan grew by 66.3 percent in 2012; from 329 building permits issued in 2011 to 547 issued in 2012 with projects worth P1.8 billion.

Recto’s source is the National Statistic Office. The above figures mean investments, employment, income, local and national government revenues.

Like Recto, a journalist, I am fascinated by figures and statistics involving people and their economic and social states, thrilling figures in journalistic chores, seldom given attention by local media practitioners particularly in the broadcast.

Associating these figures with other local economic indicators in 2012, then it will lead to a precise conclusion in poverty reduction, such as: 

2012 export trade of US$2.4 million (roughly P96 million) and domestic sales of P195 million, all for local products developed and promoted by the DTI

2012 fresh inward investments of P452 million

BIR tax collections for 2012 of P1.14 billion

1. 2 million tourists generating tourism receipts of P22.2 billion

P244,841 million infusion of financial assistance to 24, 538 Aklanon families through the 4 Ps

Massive national government and privately funded infra programs

All these greatly contributed to poverty reduction from a high of 38.4 percent of Aklan’s total number of families in 2009 to 21 percent in 2012. /MP

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