Friday, May 31, 2013

Intelligent Pinoys And Insecure Colonizers


“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” BERTRAND RUSSELL

Søren Kierkegaard was right when he cautioned that we must understand life backward and live it forward.

Before we die, we must be able to know the truth and understand the roots of our sufferings, what precipitated our ignorance and why many of us are ashamed of our culture and why we are wallowing in insecurity and lack of pride as a nation. 

The murder of Ferdinand Magellan by Lapu-Lapu sealed our fate.

Although Magellan’s death delayed the Spanish colonization of the Philippines by more than 40 years, what happened next became a horror which had unleashed irreparable damage and wrought unimaginable havoc on our psyche until today in the computer age.

Desperate to enslave the Filipinos after efforts to conquer them by force had failed, the Spaniards shifted to Plan B: they instituted an organization which would disable the development of our critical thinking, an intelligent quotient (IQ) reduction program aimed at making the natives dumb. 
And they succeeded!


According to Dr. Carlos Alfonso Santos, this program was called the National IQ Reduction Commission (NIQRC) founded in 1521 “by a bunch of starving Spanish conquistadores in Limasawa.”

“The conquest was not doing well,” wrote Santos. “They were hopelessly lost (they were really looking for Malacca) and Lapu-Lapu had just killed Magellan. The Spaniards realized that if they wanted to claim the land, they would have to make the natives dumber. So they began a number of IQ reduction programs, all coordinated by the NIQRC.”

The most successful initiative at the time, according to Santos, was taken by the Catholic Church. “The fraile (Spanish word for “horny cretin”) pretended to preach the Gospel, but actually aimed to impose blind obedience and servitude.”

“Every Sunday, homilies throughout the archipelago essentially revolved around one theme: You are dirty, uneducated, learning impaired idiots who need white men to manage your affairs.” (This is humiliation.)

Santos revealed that when the Americans bought the Philippines three centuries later, they asked the Spaniards what was the secret to holding on to a colony for so long. A former governor general reportedly answered: “It’s simple: keep them stupid.”

“The Americans took this advice to heart and did their utmost in keeping our IQs low. Instead of using the Church, however, they established the public school system,” Santos narrated.


“Practically every government ministry was eventually turned over to a Filipino--except the Department of Education. With a condescending smile and a great deal of false charm, the Americans taught English and Math and the Boogie, but left critical thinking out on purpose.”

The Americans reportedly were afraid that if anyone actually started thinking, “we would realize that it was just a little bit weird that the United States, itself a former colony that had to wage a bloody revolution to win its freedom, was now taking the rights to self-determination away from another people.”      

After World War II, the Americans left when they reportedly realized it was too expensive to fix a war-torn country and kept Guam for posterity sake.

In the history of Western thought, according to Dr. Mortimer Adler, freedom has a number of distinct meanings: 

A man is said to be free when external circumstances permit him to act as he wishes for his own good. 

A man is said to be free when he has acquired enough virtue or wisdom to be able willingly to do as he ought, to comply with the moral law, or to live in accordance with an ideal befitting human nature.

All men are said to be free because they are endowed by nature with power of free choice--the power to decide for themselves what they shall do or become.


Meanwhile, Santos said the Philippines’ new leaders retained the NIQRC and is now “a major albeit invisible force.”

“They had to find another way of keeping us stupid though. Sunday Mass was no longer effective since no one went to church anymore and those who did invariably fell asleep after the entrance hymn.

“The public school system, on the other hand, was too expensive. If the government had to build schools, pay teachers and buy books, there would be hardly enough funds to set aside for graft and corruption which eats up 50 percent of the budget.

“So under the auspices of the elected officials of the newly independent Philippine Republic, the folks over at the NIQRC received a new mandate: set up a cost-effective IQ reduction program. They, of course, outdid themselves and cooked up the best scheme yet: the soap opera.”

Santos said, “it is a scientifically proven fact that soap opera decreases an average human’s IQ by half a point per episode. The characters and story lines are so flat and utterly lacking in depth that the viewer’s IQ almost invariably drops.”

It’s never too late actually to unshackle our minds from the bondage of this age-old system. We all watch TV and today’s sophisticated cable network offers a smorgasbord of programs. The choice is ours. /MP

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