Friday, June 07, 2013

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente


This column sincerely congratulates the Ilejay Castillo family for coming up with the Gregory Ilejay – Castillo Memorial e-Library. The e-Library is housed in a well constructed concrete building along G. Pastrana St., Kalibo, Aklan.

The use of the facilities like computers is free especially for Aklanon youth. However, except for printing of information, and ID, a minimal amount is charged.

While it cost quite a fortune to put up the e-Library, the benefits it will give to the Aklanons will be unquantifiable and lasting. The knowledge and information gathered through the e-Library will further develop the youth’s love and faith to their county, the Philippines, especially Aklan province. The Gregory Ilejay-Castillo Memorial e-Library is worth visiting and using.
Chowking Pays Actual/Moral Damages

After reading my column in the Madyaas Pen (May 5-11, 2013 issue) and after Kaibahang Conrad Indelible in his “Parke de Libertad” program and in “Ilitsahan” program of S.M. Butz Maquinto discussed in their respective programs, I received several calls congratulating me for coming up with the issue. They confided to me, they too are victims of Chowking’s Kalibo poor service. Some informed me they were also victims of some missing items of what they paid for, “take home”. 

I hope Chowking Philippines has reviewed, as pledged, its policy so that it will grant discount in all their products sold to Senior Citizens. 

Voting Pattern Analysis

The result of the last election in the municipality of Kalibo is not only surprising, it is also shocking. Party List Cong. Teodorico Haresco, Jr. was badly beaten by Banga Mayor Antonio Maming for the congressional fight for Congressman of the Lone District of Aklan.

Haresco lost badly to Mayor Maming and to SP member Phoebe Clarice L. Cabagnot by 3,000 votes more or less in Kalibo. And to think that the two Kalibo candidates for mayors were for Haresco who has the well oiled political machine, the lost is worth scientific studies.

Moreover, Maming did not only win in Kalibo, he also won in New Washington, Banga, Numancia, Makato, and even in Libacao which are the central municipalities of Aklan. 

Nevertheless, Haresco won the congressional seat to represent Aklan in Congress by about 9,000 majority votes. And if he won the election, his hometown Ibajay and other towns where he won did it for him. 

If Haresco lost the election in the central towns of Aklan, what are the factors that defeated him? This is worth researching and analyzing for consideration in the future political exercise or election. 


I wish to express my sincere sympathy and condolences to the family of the late Fildion R. Layson who met an untimely death while performing his duty as a seaman. The late Layson is the husband of Aina who is working with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Aklan Council. Fildion was also a former Boy Scout since his elementary grades, a Venturer Scout Rank holder. He lived up to the Scout Oath and Law, a dedicated scouter, an ideal husband and father to his son.  /MP

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