Sunday, June 23, 2013

San Juan Fiesta


June 24 of every year is the feast of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of Kalibo San Juan City, and of many other communities throughout the Philippines. The festivity is being held every 24th day of June to honor the birth of St. John. The Saint is believe have baptized Jesus Christ. He was also the forerunner of the idea that people must be baptise before the coming of Christ.

San Juan Fiesta is primarily celebrated in San Juan City, Metro Manila or in any part of the Philippines where their patron saint is St. John. Kalibo, Aklan is one of the municipalities in the Philippines which Patron Saint is Saint John The Baptist.


During feast of Saint John, Filipinos go out in their house and join the crowd in a new way of merry making and they would throw water to each other or “basaan”. The older men prefer using hose and squirt it to anyone they see. Some prepared buckets of water in front of their house early in the morning to be used later. Even fire trucks are used to join the celebration. In some provinces, they would have family outing at the beach.


In Aklan, the Ati-atihan town of Kalibo, celebrates the feast of patron Saint John the Baptist with a food festival. The yearly event is organized by the municipal government of Kalibo and the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Tourism Council. It opens on June 18 until June 23, Tuesday to Suday at Magsaysay Park. 

The Kalibo food festival 2013 weeklong celebration will cater Asian cuisine to highlight the vibrant food culture and exotic taste of Aklanons set in a barrio fiesta theme. While enjoying the food, live nightly music entertainment of local rock and alternative bands from Iloilo and Aklan will entertain the gourmet enthusiast. 

Originally dubbed Kalibo Food Festival sa Kalye, it started in 1995 and used to be held in S. Martelino Street along Kalibo Pastrana Park. In 2009, it was transferred to Magsaysay Park. Over the years, it became a tourism must experience of the town. Kalibo is more than just a sight, sound and fiber but also known for foods, culture and people. /MP

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