Sunday, June 23, 2013

Processing Aklan CAF Data

The National Statistics Office-Aklan is now conducting data processing for accomplished questionnaires of the 2012 Census of Agriculture and Fishery (CAF) which started last May 27, 2013. 

This data processing aims to correct errors found in the submitted questionnaires as well as ascertain that all entries are legible, complete, consistent and reliable. 

About 19 processors composed of editors, coders, and verifiers are hired by NSO-Aklan to manually edit the census returns.

According to Provincial Statistics Officer Blas M. Solidum, there are two stages to undertake in data processing--- manual and machine. Manual processing involves receipt and control of accomplished questionnaires and maps, completeness checking, reviewing/editing of entries, coding, and bundling/packaging of questionnaires and maps. 

The machine processing involves receipt and control of manually processed questionnaires and maps, scanning, interpretation of mark field, data entry, key verification of entries and consolidation of data according to predetermined table formats. 

“The success of the census not only depends on the data collectors but also on the effective and efficient performance of the census personnel who are involved in the processing of the questionnaire,” Solidum stressed. /MP

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