Sunday, June 23, 2013

NSO Stays In Aklan Serbilis Center Works For Quick Easy Service

This year 2013, clients of NSO-Aklan’s Serbilis Center will enjoy a quick and more convenient service in securing civil registry documents when the ‘six sigma quick wins’ program will be implemented.

This is the objective of the review and assessment on the Serbilis Center held on June 13, 2013 by NSO Civil Registry Department Director Lourdes J. Hufana, Unysis Australia Project Director David Thomas, and Civil Registry System Project Implementation Manager of Unysis Philippines Al Castro.

According to Castro, it is important to review and evaluate the existing procedures being enforced in the outlet to determine what steps should be removed or maintained to improve the process and attain a higher efficiency performance. 

To realize this purpose, the concept of ‘six sigma quick wins’ will be applied. Six sigma seeks to improve the quality of business processes by identifying and removing the causes of errors or inefficiencies. Quick wins, on the other hand, is designed to head off client’s frustration at delays towards more substantial improvements.

“There are steps implemented in Serbilis Center that are not necessary,” Mr. Thomas said.  “Through this scheme, we will quicken the process by reducing the steps from screening of the application form to releasing of the documents so that it will only take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the transaction. When this is done, it will result to less operating costs, higher revenues and more satisfied clients,” Mr. Thomas explained.

On the average, there are about 400 clients throng to the Serbilis Center everyday coming from Aklan, Capiz, Antique, and Romblon to secure copies of birth, marriage and death certificates including certificate of no marriage record (CENOMAR).

“The request of these clients should be released immediately so that they will have time making other transaction,” Director Hufana agreed.

Meanwhile, Provincial Statistics Officer Blas M. Solidum reiterated to all Aklanons not to believe in rumors that NSO-Aklan will be transferred to Capiz or Iloilo.

“There is no truth about it because NSO and the Serbilis Center are steadfast to stay in Aklan to provide quality statistical and civil registration products and services,” Solidum assured. 

The Serbilis Center is the project of NSO in partnership with Unysis Philippines. /MP

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