Sunday, October 19, 2014



Vice President Jejomar C. Binay welcomes the results of the Pulse Asia survey while remaining focused on his work. Vice President Binay is set to meet housing beneficiaries and is pressing his appeal for the restoration of the budget allocation for overseas absentee voting which the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has removed from the 2015 budget. He encourages our OFWs to join his appeal for Congress to restore the budget.

He expects his political detractors to continue their campaign of lies. But the ratings drop for personalities involved in the on-going Senate sub-committee probe shows that people do not appreciate abuse of senatorial privilege to launch a witch hunt in aid of ambition. 

Unfortunately, these personalities will probably ignore this lesson and just redouble their vicious attacks. This will be of no importance to me as I continue to lead despite their grandstanding and the baseless attacks, and amid a widening field of contenders.

Again, if the detractors feel strongly about the allegations made by discredited local politicians, they should bring it before a court of law.  This would afford us the opportunity to cross-examine the accusers and scrutinize their so-called evidence, unlike in the Senate sub-committee probe where such rights are not allowed.

Meanwhile, Binay announced his Tagaytay property was sold in December 2012 to Constant Builders. The change in the title of ownership is being processed now by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The property is listed in his SALN according to its lawyer, attoney Martin Subido. /MP

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