Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reason and Concern

Mar Roxas’ Sentimental 
Quest For The Presidency
by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Secretary Butch Abad has declared that DILG secretary Mar Roxas is the Liberal Party’s sentimental choice for the presidential candidacy (in the 2016 presidential election).

It would now be Mar Roxas’ sentimental journey in his presidential quest.

Sec.Abad had occasion to mention Mar’s oblation giving way to President Benigno Aquino III’s presidenial bid in the last elections.
The Binay-Trillanes scheduled debate bears watching. Since this is a form of a Lincoln-Douglas debate (the two men debate), the rules should now be had, inclusive of the proposition to be debated.
A few months ago, I chanced to read an article on the factors resulting in an increase of the crime rate.  In an article written by Daniel Francis, How Contributor, titled  “The FBI keeps data on crime rates”. He cited that many factors are involved in the crime rate from the overall economic conditions to the psychological state of the criminal, some factors clearly result in increased crime rate. And although the Francis article is about the government, schools and social scientists studies of the rising and falling rates of crime  in the United States for more than a century,  certain factors on the increase in crime rate are also happening in other counties, inclusive  of the Philippines.

The factors resulting in an increase of crimes are due to: First: Density, business and transportation; second, police and justice; third, living conditions; and fourth, the economy.

I would like to quote here the observation on police and justice as one of the factors that can result in an increase of the crime rate, thus: “ One factor in seeing an increase or decrease in a crime rate is the effectiveness of law enforcement in the area. An increase in crime could be linked to an ineffective, understaffed or under-funded local police department. A lack of prosecution  of crimes  from a local jurisdiction could also contribute to an increased crime rate. The policies of judicial, correctional and probational arms of an area can also contribute to an increase or decrease in crime rate.”
I am tempted oftentimes to look for some anecdotes about funny senior moments. Just where the term ‘senior moment’ came is provided in Will and Guy’s collection of funny senior moments, humour, and amusing stories,  thus: “senior moment was apparently coined in America in the mid nineties, but became more widely used in the United Kingdom during the past couple of years. Originating with specific reference to senior or senior citizens -people aged 60 or over- it has now entered general use and be applied in any situation where someone experiences momentary lapse of memory regardless of age.

“The term highlights the idea that our brain  simply were’nt built to cope with the information overload and stress generated by life in the 21st century.”

A story is told about an 80 year old man who has problem with his house. It has two storeys. It has stairs. When he uses the stairs, he stops midway to catch his breath. His main problem is that, when he is ready to start again, he is unable to remember whether he was going upstairs or downstairs.

“An absent-minded activity, like putting your furniture polish in the fridge or your prepared casserole in the cupboard, can also be referred as a senior moment.” /MP

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