Thursday, October 23, 2014

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente


Patogsiling is an Aklanon term which means empathy in English. In his Five Language Dictionary, Roman Dela Cruz translated empathy to Aklanon as “Baeatyagon ag huna-huna it iba.”

In the book of Alan Axelbrod, he pointed out that “emphathy is the foundation of etiquette. It is also a source of great power.” This is a matter of relating with people; and how can we make our time with other people as pleasant and productive as possible?

There are three simple ways to observe to make our time pleasant and productive which are: a. show other how much we value them, b. show others how competent they are, and c. create a work environment in which everyone can excel. 

Building Relationship
To establish a good rapport with other people, you may start with a body language. For one thing, begin with a smile which is a standing invitation. It shows one’s openness to contact and cooperation. 

A friendly wave combine with smile makes meaningful contact. It acknowledges a friend with a display of respect and affection.

A firm handshake makes a colleague feels good. Handshake delivers a message of warmth, openness and willingness to communicate.

Hold the palm of a person, not just the fingers. Otherwise handshake maybe likened to an insincere politicians campaigning for votes.

Look in the eye and maintain eye contact to show your confidence, friendship and transparency.
Say something nice to set the other person at ease such as, “you are handsome with your new haircut.”

A courteous act is necessary like holding the door open so a friend can pass. People will appreciate when a person goes out of his way to help others.

Conducting Meeting
In both public and private businesses, meetings are one important function to fulfill mission and vision. And to make a more productive meeting, the exercise of good meeting manners is necessary.

Effective leaders of meetings practice effective etiquette before the meeting begins. These leaders, such as chairman of the Board, president of organization, presiding officer prepare list of participants, invite them, and communicate to them the time, venue, agenda, and objectives of the meeting. This will create a climate in which participants can agree or disagree without being disagreeable.

One good thing a participant does in attending a meeting or other similar function is to arrive on time. The Northwestern Visayan Colleges is developing a culture of arriving on time in all and any function in the NVC Community. “The NVCians on Time”.

As participant in a meeting, please arrive on time, stay awake and listen, ask questions to develop ideas, stick to the agenda, no personal attack, and thank the leader of the meeting and may praise him for holding a more productive meeting after the meeting is adjourned.

How do we dress for success? Styles change, fashions are fickle and reality is no magic formula for appearance and grooming.

Dress is non-verbal communication. It reveals a great deal about us and attitude toward the world around us.

However, the most important is our clothes, must be impeccably clean, well maintained, and appropriate to what we do. An ideal way of dressing is to observe around your place, how others dress, identity people with cloth in the locality, but never imitate; you may emulate. Aim for the middle, and dress just a notch above it.

Dress for yourself at home. Outside, dress in a manner what makes us and others comfortable. Etiquette requires us to dress unselfishly for others as well as for us.

Shine Our Shoes
Clothing experts agree that the first article of clothing most people notice on men and women is shoes which must be kept in top shape, shined, and well maintained like replacing worn heels.
People of Banga, Aklan or the Banganhons are known to look at their visitors from “foot to head”. /MP

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