Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kalibo’s Pauper

Kalibo’s Pauper

Picture above shows one of Kalibo’s paupers. This picture was taken by the side of the fence of Kalibo Pilot Elementary School at the corner of Roxas Ave. and A. Mabini St., Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan. 

A picture speaks a thousand words and you can discribe this picture as you view it. The man is in a very deplorable situation. His relatives and/or friends  must take good care of this man. Give him a necessary care a human being deserves. If he has no relatives, the Municipality of the Ati-atihan Town of Kalibo must provide the necessary care.

Allowing him to remain in his present state of living portrays the kind and quality of life the people of Kalibo and Aklan. We say that Aklan province is a billionaire province which annual budget is more than one billion pesos.

If Aklan is billionaire,  its people must be living in abundance, clean, happy and contented. People must live according to human norm.

However, this man, by all means must be given the basic needs of life and allow him to live a dicent life. /MP

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