Thursday, October 02, 2014

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Working Slowly

For those Aklanons who love to see model project whereby it demonstrate how to work slowly, they may visit Marianos Bridge widening construction along the Kalibo-Numancia road  at Barangay Marianos, Numancia, Aklan. Some of the times the workers work, but most of the times they rest. They are not provided with adequate and proper tools. A billboard in the vicinity states: 1. cost of project- P13.4 million; 2. Project completion-100 calendar Days; 3. Start of the Project-June 23, 2014.

Assuming that the project started on June 23, 2014, it should have been completed on October 10, 2014, yet it is only about 25 percent completed. A knowledgeable construction engineer may prove me right. 

Another construction project is the Widening of Bulwang Bridge, Bulwang, Numancia, Aklan. It is also serving as showcase of working slowly. Construction started on June 23, 2014 for 90 calendar days to construct. Today, it is only about 30 percent completed. 

Meanwhile, these construction projects are serving as road hazards. Hon. Roberto M. Garcia, Jr. is one of the victims of these road construction projects. This prompted the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan to approve a Resolution requesting the Office of the District Engineer, DPWH, Kalibo, Aklan to install signages to caution drivers on road portions where road constructions are ongoing. The DPWH Kalibo responded “We have already notified the contractors to provide and install signages” as requested. What a very disgusting response! This is passing the buck, its responsibility. 

With the way engineers manage our infrastructure construction projects, the “Todo Asenso” battle cry can never be realized. 

City Mall in Kalibo
Last week, a press conference was held at Ninos Ihaw-Ihaw, Ati- Atihan County Inn, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan. The Press Conference was jointly presided by Kalibo Mayor William S. Lachica and Mr. Ryan Ang. It discussed the P300 million City Mall development project of the Double Dragon Properties Corporation. It will be located on a 11,000 square meters piece of land situated between Toting Reyes and A. Mabini Streets, some 300 workers will be needed in its construction, 90 percent of whom will be  Aklanons with Kalibonhons as priority. When completed all important products in Aklan will be accommodated for sale in the City Mall. According  to Mayor Lachica, road will be constructed to connect  Toting Reyes St. with A. Mabini Street. A transport terminal will be constructed as park area of shoppers of the 11,000 square meters lot. Only 6,000 square meters will be utilized for the one level City Mall. When this City Mall project is completed it will be an everlasting legacy of Mayor Lachica. It will add shopping options of consumers, provides more income, employment to Aklanons and also more income to LGU Aklan. Since it will compete with other shopping centers, the quality of the goods sold will be improved at reduced prices. Service to buyers will also improve. 

There is no denying, more City Malls are needed in Kalibo. But it must be situated in a right location. To insist constructing the City Mall on the site selected between A. Mabini and Toting Reyes Streets will make Poblacion, Kalibo more crowded, hot, more dusty, and dangerous. Today, the area is green, after the City Mall construction, it will be brown. It will be dusty and hot outside. It will induce flooding. Traffic will be worst. 

The trend of Mall construction is locating it away from crowded area, usually outside of, but accessible and near population centers. To locate City Mall in one of the Barangays of Kalibo like Pook or Estancia will help LGU Kalibo dispersed vehicles. It will help in the quest to balance the ecology as the plants now growing in the target area will be maintained. It will help minimize garbage production in Poblacion, Kalibo. Furthermore, the City Mall will provide additional attraction where it is located.

LGU Kalibo Business Relation with City Mall
I was delighted to see Mayor Lachica jointly presiding the press conference with Mr. Ryan Ang. It showed Mayor Lachica’s interest in the project. I can understand his presence. However, due to my curiosity, I asked him: What is the LGU Kalibo’s business relation with the Double Dragon Properties Corp? His answer is: “There were three families which donated real estate properties to LGU Kalibo and that City Mall will construct transport terminal.” To me, the answer is inadequate, but I did not ask any follow up question. 

Nevertheless, why did the three families donated their real properties?  What is the purpose of the donation? Are those real properties donated for the construction of the City Mall? /MP  

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