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Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Ethanol From Nipa

God has endowed more natural resources for the Philippines and the Filipinos. One natural resources is nipa. But how do we, Filipino benefit out of nipa?

In the Philippines, nipa leaves are made into nipa thatches which are also being used as roofing materials for houses. In some regions, people extract the sap or juice from the nipa fruits as wine. The surplus of which is fermented for vinegar. 

In Malaysia, they are producing ethanol from nipa. Not only ethanol, a Malaysian firm announced, nipa is also a potential solution to global warming. 

The ethanol processing plants are built in Northern Perak state where Pioneer Bio Industries Corporation has secured rights from the state government to extract ethanol from nipa trees growing wild along the coastal areas. Pioneer Bio Industries Corporation officer said, it has a five year contract worth US$66 billion with a global trading firm to supply the nipa palm based ethanol. 
Badrul Shah Muhamad Noor, chairman of Pioneer Bio has been working with the Malaysian government since 2008 on biofuel project.

By the year 2020, ethanol will represent 30 percent of global energy, it is estimated. With the existing nipa palm they have identified, Malaysia can produce enough ethanol for the requirement of the worlds, boast Badrul Shah Muhamad Noor. In Brazil and Europe, ethanol is commercially produced from sugar cane, cassava, corn and sugar beet.

The Pioneer Bio scientists studies show that nipa palm is capable to produce 15,600 liters of ethanol per hectare. This is more than twice the yield of sugar cane.

According to Badrul Shak Muhamad Noor, Pioneer Bio has invested US$12.53 billion for the construction of 15 refineries in Malaysia including the port where ethanol will pass for export.

Pioneer Bio will pay Perak State government 324 million ringgits annually for the 10,000 hectares nipa palm trees.

How about us Filipinos? What are we doing with our natural resources? We must develop it, use it, and enjoy it.

Inter-School Competition

“The biggest, the grandest, and the most prestigious inter-school competition in the elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels is on”. This is announced by ABS-CBN which will be launched in Kalibo, Aklan on Saturday, October 11, 2014. This is open to all interested college students from all year levels and courses, preferably from the College of Arts and Science or College of Mass Communication.

The newscasting competition will be done in three languages: English, Filipino, and Hiligaynon. The participating schools will conduct an elimination contest to choose its top 10 winners to compete in the 2nd ABS-CBN Inter-School News Casting Competition where the top three (3) winners will serve as contestants to the 4th ABS-CBN Regional News Casting Competition to be held in November 2014 in Iloilo City.

The contestants are requested to wear a business suits during the competition. The contestants shall read the scripts prepared by ABS-CBN 30 minutes before the program. 
Gross Misconduct In 

Office Vs Hon. Tolentino

A very new radio reporter of Energy FM radio in Kalibo, Aklan, Ms. Ma-ann B. Lachica has filed a complaint against Hon. Augusto C. tolentino, Sangguniang Bayan member, Kalibo, Aklan with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan for GROSS MISCONDUCT IN OFFICE. The complaint is referred to the committee on Laws and Good Governance chaired by Hon. Plaridel M. Morania.

The complaint, according to the information filed with the Aklan SP alleged that at about 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, September 23, 2014, Lachica was at the Session Hall of the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo to cover the SB Kalibo Special Session. Hon. Tolentino was sitting inside the Session Hall. “When he noticed my presence, he suddenly said in a loud voice: Iya ro reporter ngara ni Jodel nga saea saea mag tao it balita.” Lachica just ignored what Hon Tolentino said. However, Hon. Tolentino continued talking against me and my anchorman, Mr. Jodel Rentillo. Hon. Tolentino talked about the “lechon” from a Filipino Tandog. Many people present heard him such as SB members Hon. Ariel Fernandez, Hon. Rodolfo I. Policarpio, and Mr. Rolly Hererra.

“Feeling alluded to”, Lachica approached Hon. Tolentino and asked, “Sir, ako ro reporter it Energy FM… hay ako gid man ro ing gina pabati bati an?” Hon. Tolentino replied, “Huo, ikaw saea ka magta-o it impormasyon sa imong amo. Ag ikaw indi ka kaantiguhan magcorrect sing anchor kung saea imaw magreport. Kunta ikaw mismo, correkan mo imaw hay ikaw ro head reporter.” Hon. Tolentino was angry berating me, wrote lachica.

“Hon. Tolentino only stopped maligning me when the SB Kalibo session started”, said Lachica who requested the SP Aklan to give due course to her complaint, and after due hearing, place the respondent for 60 days  preventive suspension.

Section 60 of the Local Government Code provides the grounds for disciplinary actions for elective local officials and “Misconduct in Office” is one of the grounds.

This complaint of misconduct in office against Hon. Tolentino is uncalled for. It should not happen, but it happened.

Hon. Tolentino is a retired manager of two radio stations in Aklan. He has long and great experience in the radio. On the other hand, Ms. Ma-ann Lachica is just a beginner in radio broadcasting. She has more to learn in the radio information trade. Hon. Tolentino could have shown her the best way to succeed in radio broadcasting.   /MP

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