Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DA-BuB Intensify Swine Production In Northern Antique ByJames Earl E. Ogatis

DA-BuB Intensify Swine Production
 In Northern Antique
DA-BuB Swine Dispersal Project. Upgraded piglets (Durok and Hampshire) weighing not less than 20 kilograms are given to identified farmer beneficiaries as part of the P399,765.00 swine production project to Libertad and Barbaza, Antique. 
“I will take good care of this piglet and develop her into a sow for me to earn extra income in my backyard” committed Mrs. Fely J. Tenefrancia DA-BuB swine dispersal recipient from barangay Poblacion, Libertad, Antique.

Tenefrancia was one of the beneficiaries of DA-BuB swine dispersal project which granted 40 heads of upgraded swine (Duroc and Hampshire) to the municipality of Libertad and 24 heads to the municipality of Barbaza, Antique.

According to Dr. Joyce S. Wendam, DA-Regional Technical Director and BuB focal person, the municipality of Libertad has a total beneficiary of 40 livestock raisers on a ratio of one piglet for each beneficiary while Barbaza has only 12 beneficiaries because they have a ratio of  two piglets per beneficiary.

Wendam said that intensifying swine production in Northern Antique will greatly help marginalized farmers who were affected by super typhoon Yolanda.

She stressed that multivitamins, feeds, antibiotics and dewormer were also provided to the beneficiaries as part of the package of the project for the period of four months.

Ms. Elma Paulino, municipal agriculturist of Libertad, Antique said that each beneficiary claimed their weekly feed ration from the identified supplier depending on the recommended consumption based on the body weight of the piglet.

She said that close monitoring of the project is done by the assigned livestock technician to ensure efficient utilization of the specific interventions.

Repayment for this project will be channeled to the municipal office which will later identify the second batch of beneficiaries from their locality.

DA-BuB project has provided a total of P399,765.00 for swine production to the two municipalities aside from other projects such as native chicken and goat production and organic program intervention. (JEEOgatis photo)/MP

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