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This is Marianos Bridge, Numancia, Aklan which was started on June 23, 2014  funded at P13, 422, 932. 05. The contract duration is 100 working days, but after more than one year, the bridge is very far from completed. (ARV photo)
Some weeks passed, my writing chores focused on public governance and social order-in Aklan had taken a backseat and were substituted with my fertile imagination about the memories of my departed beloved younger sister.

Once again, writing facts, figures and events about my beloved Aklan has reclaimed in the driver’s seat and here I go.

Not so many may have noticed in Aklan that since 2010 until at present, massive infusion of public and private investment funds had been pouring in Aklan for infrastructure development, energy generation, agricultural productivity and tourism development facilities.

Credit must be given to the united political leadership in this province composed of the triumvirate of now Congressman Ted Haresco, Governor Joeben Miraflores, former congressman and now last termer Vice Governor Billie V. Calizo-Quimpo. All those happened under the PINOY presidency.

To cite: the multi-million, reaching a billion peso-Kalibo International Airport expansion with funds coming from the DOTC. Now this airport has separate departures and arrival areas for domestic and international flights. It has now four parking bays where four aircrafts can simultaneously park at its tarmac. Runway is still being extended and more facilities are crammed for making it truly international.

At the north tip of the province at barangay Caticlan, Malay and barangay Union, Nabas is a private-led initiative that expanded the facilities of the Caticlan International Airport. With San Miguel Corporation taking the lead, the possibility is a multi-billion peso private funds investment.

Seaport development is likewise concentrated in barangay Caticlan, Malay with the Philippine Ports Authority taking the lead. A seaport for cruise ships which has made Boracay as an indispensable destination is in the offing.
Road network development is massive with the already concluded Trade Ministers Meeting in Boracay of APEC countries. From north to south, road widening and re-blocking grind without end. From Altavas to Malay, the national highways are being upgraded. Alternate road network had been completed as in Tangalan through Jawili Beach to Naisud, Ibajay. Another alternate route is on the pipeline spanning from Lambingan Beach in Andagao, to Pook where KIA is, to barangay Tigayon Hills, to Lezo town with a bridge that can be the longest in Panay Island. The parallel bridge to the century-old bridge of Kalibo is nearing completion.

All these entailed multi-billion peso funding allocations.

In energy development, the Petrowind mills in barangay Pawa, Nabas, are nearing operational with several wind towers already erected to produce 50-MW power supply to the NGCP grid. While at it, Oriental Energy is now going full blast in developing a 35-MW hydro-power in Timbaban River, Madalag, Aklan.
All these sums to billions of pesos in private investments. /MP

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