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The Frank Fact: Salvaging For Art

The Frank Fact: Salvaging For Art
It’s in his laid-back, subtle fashion sense (and probably the way he can pull off super tight skinny jeans) that Kapuso star Frank Magalona is drawing lots of curious attention from anyone who comes across his way. He translates his creativity in the way he carries himself and the mystery in his eyes compels you to know him a little more.

Francis Michael Magalona Jr., or simply Frank, is the eldest son of OPM legend and Master Rapper Francis Magalona. His creativity came out naturally since he grew up in a family of profound artists. Graduating from the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts, Frank admits that his passion was not fully developed until he was already in art school, where he discovered his own style of self-expression.

Another thing to know about Frank is that as an artist, he likes to work with paper and other planar objects. His undergraduate thesis, a collage made entirely of old newspapers, cartons, and other discarded materials—put together with the help of his family and friends, was borne out of his family’s past dependency on shopping and impulse buying. “All the pieces were authentic and actually came from our household,” shares the Kapuso actor.

As he tries to adopt a more frugal lifestyle, he now tries to use salvaged materials in his art and transforms them into functional masterpieces. “One day, I was forced to move out of the place that I used to stay in and relocated. I spotted these railroad ties at a gardening shop and turned them into a bed because I didn't have one. I didn't have a closet too so I used corrugated galvanized iron sheets to build one,” Frank recalls.

Frank is happy to note that he found his own identity as an artist, and his family has always been supportive of his journey. Being co-managed by his mother, Pia Magalona, he has the motivation to explore different avenues for his expression. Since he entered show business, he has been part of several Kapuso teleseryes including Blusang Itim, Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit, Spooky Valentine, My Beloved, Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa, Mundo Mo’y Akin, Rhodora X, Yagit, and Once Upon A Kiss. After years of honing his talent and developing his craft, Frank has recently added ‘brand ambassador’ to his resume.

His upcoming project as a brand ambassador is a pop-up bar that will reveal his creativity as an artist. For a short time this month, he will be introducing The Mind Fact, a hang-out place where one can enjoy creating his own drink.

“I like experimenting whether in art or in my daily life so my pop-up [bar] is inspired by a chemistry lab. Every night is also an experiment for the bar-goer who likes drinking. In my pop-up, you have the option to mix my delicious black drink called "Kolor Proof" using test tubes and beakers filled with high quality alcohol and other fresh ingredients. I also like music, and in my bar, you can produce your own beats using actual deodorant spray cans. It's the kind of place to have interesting conversations. This man likes to think, and on that night, he invites you to step inside his world,” he explains.

True enough, something within him keeps others intrigued as his cool, languid gaze can breathe life to the common phrase, ‘the eyes are the windows to one’s soul’.

Visit the Kapuso actor’s pop-up bar and have the chance to experience his art on July 22 at the Mind Museum. /MP

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