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The Origin Of Kalibo Food Festival Sa Kalye

The Origin Of Kalibo Food Festival Sa Kalye

Many Kalibonhons are asking the question: Who conceptualized the Kalibo Food Festival Sa Kalye (KFFK)?

Last June 18 to 23, 2015, the Tourism event: KFFK was held at the Magsaysay Park to mark its 20th year. It was one of the highlights in the celebration of the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, Patron Saint of Kalibo.

KFFK started when the Department of Tourism  Region VI thru its head, Mr. Edwin Trompeta issued a directive to form Tourism Councils in all the local government units in the region. Trompeta came to Kalibo to organize the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Tourism Council. Mrs. Lester A. Templonuevo invited the owners/managers of tourism establishments in Kalibo such as hotels, inns, restaurants, and souvenir shops for an organizational meeting at the Kalibo Session Hall during the 1st Quarter of 1966. Those present in the meeting agreed to organize KATC. An election of officers was held. Mr. Ramon M. Quimpo, Jr. was elected as its first President during the term of former Mayor Diego M. Luces.

The Department of Tourism head explained the objectives, responsibilities and powers of KATC. However, Trompeta mentioned that the DOT is not mandated to give financial support to KATC. He said, Kalibo Tourism Office will provide secretarial, office supplies, and technical advices to the KATC. He further explained that the government and the private business organizations are partners in the tourism development in the region. Faced with the lack of financial resources and the difficulty of starting an NGO, President Elect Jun Quimpo presented plan to raise funds for projects and programs regarding the tourism sector in Kalibo.  Those present approved Quimpo’s proposal.

He called the officers, members and staff of Kalibo Tourism Office to a meeting to approve a fund raising project entitled 1st Food Festival Sa Kalye. It was approved and held at S. Martelino Street at the back of the Grandstand, Pastrana Park on the third week of June 1996. It was one highlight in the celebration of the Feast of Saint John which was very successful. The KATC made a big net profit from that event.

Remembering the advice of the former Sr. Board Member, Dr. Ramon Salazar Quimpo, Sr. “indi magpanakaw or magkurakot”, Jun Quimpo and his treasurer deposited the amount of money in a bank in Kalibo. However, the KFFK was transferred to Kalibo Magsaysay Park due to Typhoon Frank and the traffic problem in the area. Hence, the present name is Kalibo Food Festival Sa Kalye. /MP

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