Wednesday, July 29, 2015



The “Effectiveness of Technology-Enhanced Instruction In World History” is the title of the study conducted in Gaudencio I. Vega National High School in Nalook, Kalibo, Aklan. The study showed that those who were exposed to technology-enhanced instruction performed better in the post-test given to the respondents of the study than those not exposed.

The respondents or the subjects of the study are the 27 Grade IX students studying in Gaudencio I. Vega National High School. They were made to take pre-test/post-test on their knowledge of World History after exposing them to both traditional and technology-enhanced education.

Technology-enhanced educational instruction is an innovative approach to modern teaching which is why many teachers with access to technology favor it nowadays. Moreover, newly collected evidence shows that technology-enhanced educational instruction is more effective in delivering educational subject matters to its end recipients, being the students.  More teachers have found technology-enhanced educational instruction easy to prepare. They believed it is an opportunity for them to develop their technological skills and abilities in the teaching-learning process. Students and pupils have shown increased interest in the subject matter while finding lessons more interactive with the use of technology. The changing landscape of the 21st century now demands that teachers and learners be technologically literate for global competence.

What makes technologically-enhanced educational instruction is a more attractive option for both teachers and students. That teachers begin to have more access to various technological tools appropriate for a particular lesson, while students respond better to subject matter that is more akin to the kind of technology they are exposed to on a daily basis. Common technological tools that teachers may utilize include such programs as Microsoft Powerpoint, e-publications, and even social media; all have promising applications in the field of educational instruction.

Aside from being less cumbersome, e-publications, for instance, offer more than just the regular book because the digital format allows the author of the material to supplement the text with video and even interactive demonstrations which is not possible with traditional publications. Information technology such as the World Wide Web allows the rapid transfer of information and communication. Thus, aides the learning process by allowing more interaction so long as the proper regulatory measures are put in place for such a media.  In addition, the use of multi-media accessed through technological channels may increase creativity, critical thinking and develop communication skills among learners.

While it is true that there have been arguments against technology-enhanced instruction claiming that traditional teaching is better, this particular study in Kalibo, Aklan scientifically gives light on a much more different scenario. The study shows that while the time-tested approaches in traditional teaching have not decreased in effectiveness and have remained true to its objectives, the innovative option of technology-enhanced instruction is an attractive possibility, not even just for teachers, but more for students.

Nonetheless, while this study presents scientific data supporting the enhanced performance of students exposed to technology-enhanced education, it does not, in any way, guarantee that one method is better than the other.  Various teaching methods have its respective strengths and weaknesses, while technology-enhanced educational instruction may show significant promise in its effects on academic performance. There are other aspects of educational instruction that should be addressed. Traditional instruction now is one with the additional option of technological enhancement./MP

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