Sunday, May 02, 2010

Numancia Is Basketball Champion


Picture above shows one of the floats participating in the parade of litson held in Numancia, Aklan on Wednesday morning April 28 as one of the highlights of the Numancia Municipal and Religious Fiesta in honor of St. Joseph The Worker. Litson is roasted pig which is one of the popular industries of Numancia.

The road to the championship game is quite difficult but the team Numancia Builders won the championship of the 2010 Governor’s Basketball Cup tournament.

Numancia won the championship after qualifying in the semi-final and won the two of three series championship games against team Banga.

Banga won the first of three games. However, Numancia got the second game. The score in the second game after the regulation time was 66 all. Numancia blanked Banga in the 5 minutes extension. Numancia nailed Banga to 66 points while it scored eight baskets in the 5 minutes extension that ended the basketball game to a score of 82 – 66.

In the third game, the two teams both exhibited its finest in basketball. That was the most excellent basketball game I’ve ever watched in my life. The game was won after a most thrilling and exciting plays in regulation time at a score of 78 all.

After the five minutes extension, the game ended at a draw – 84 all. Another five minutes extension was given which ended to a 91 all score. In the third five minutes extension, both teams score eight points or another draw at 99 all.

But contest must have to end and it placed period to the game which Numancia got it at a four points advantage 109 – 105 in the fourth extension.

The elimination games were played in some LGU courts. The semi-final and championship games were played in ABL Sports Complex, Estancia, Kalibo.

Like any war, some heroes emerged, in basketball too. And the Most Valuable Player selected after the games is Ignacio of Numancia; Sportsmanship – Reyes of Numancia; Most Improved Player – Nabor of Banga; Best Guards – Ricafuente of Banga, and Deza of Kalibo; Best Center - Manuel of Ibajay; and Best Forwards – Ricaforte of Banga and Dela Cruz of Ibajay.

While Numancia is the champion, Banga is 1st runner up, Ibajay– 2nd, Kalibo - 3rd, Malay– 4th, and New Washington – 5th.
Basketball is round and the champions rolled from Banga to Numancia this year, 2010. /MP

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