Thursday, August 26, 2010

Black Nazaren Pilgrim Image Visits Sapian


The miraculous pilgrim image  of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno better known as the Black Nazaren from Quiapo Church, Manila was in Roxas City, Capiz on August l6 – 24. The visit was arranged by the municipal government of Sapian, Capiz headed by Mayor Arturo A. Orosco, Ph.D. and the parish of St. Ann of the same town headed by Rev. Fr. Eugene D. Caldeo, Jr., parish priest.
In his welcome message, Mayor Orosco said, "this is the second visit in Capiz and in the municipality of Sapian of the pilgrim image of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno. The first was in 2009 during the first term of office as mayor of Sapian.

From Roxas City, hundreds of the Catholic faithful and devotees lined up the streets on its way to Sapian town some 27 kilometers northwest of the city. The faithful threw handkerchiefs, towels, shirts, bandanas, caps and other items to the icon mobile attendants to touch or wipe the pilgrim image and in turn threw them back to the faithful devotees believing of its spiritual and medical healing powers.

The pilgrim image was enthroned at the St. Ann parish church where a simple program was held prior to the celebration of a concelebrated Eucharistic mass said by the parish priest, Fr. Eugene D. Caldeo, Jr.

Rev. Fr. Franklin Villanueva, parish priest of Quiapo Church who accompanied the pilgrim image to Capiz, in his homily extolled the hidden life of Jesus Christ personified by the image of the Black Nazaren which to us is a perfect model of humility, poverty and obedience.

On the other hand, Fr. Caldeo said he hopes the visit in Capiz of the pilgrim image will enable the faithful from all over the province and the archdiocese to have the privilege of seeing, praying to and touching the miraculous image for its nine-day stay in Sapian, Capiz.

Dr. Evangeline O. Orosco, the First Lady of Sapian town conveyed their thanks in behalf of the people of Sapian to all those who revered and supported them in the special visit here of the icon of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno.

The 4th Degree Knights of Columbus of Arch. Antonio Frondosa Assembly, AC-l796, served as Honor Guards during the occasion./MP

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