Monday, August 09, 2010

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

BFI Is Against Reclamation

The Boracay Foundation, Inc. (BFI) has vehemently opposed the reclamation project of the Local Government of Aklan. What is wrong with the Caticlan reclamation project as proposed? Their reasons for opposing it are based upon perceptive reasons.

In a cursory survey among a limited number of people of Caticlan where the reclamation project will be located, revealed "no one differ from the project". They all favor the implementation of the project. And they suggested "let it be done soon".

According to them, their real estate valuation will increase, there will be more economic activities in their area, employment opportunities will increase and therefore progress is enhanced.

Who are the officers and members of BFI? They are resort owners in Boracay. They are operators of hotels, restaurants and other tourists businesses.

Are they Filipinos? Some are Filipinos, some are foreigners. Some foreigners are married to Filipinos who serve as dummies in the ownership and business operations.
Some are native Aklanons, some are Filipinos from other provinces doing business in Boracay to earn a living.

Are they law abiding citizens? No doubt they are law abiding, but some are tempted to violate laws, ordinances, rules and regulations for the love of money.

It will be for the best interest of the BFI if they can search and project benefits that will serve its business interest after the fulfillment of the reclamation project.

Land reclaimed will expand the land area in Caticlan which they may availed of to locate their business enterprises.

Congratulations Kalibo!

On Monday evening, August 2, DYRU radio program, "Parké de Libertad" took to task the fencing of the foot walk along D. Maagma St., Kalibo. Kaibahang Conrad anchored the program.

The following morning, Tuesday, August 3 in "Ilitsahan", Kaibahang Butz Maquinto repeated the criticism. At 9:00 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday, the fence was demolished. The foot walk is now open for everybody to pass through.
If not demolished, the pedestrians have no way, but walk on the road more prone to vehicular accidents.

Congratulations DYRU Super Radio Kalibo for gaining respect and compliance to good suggestions.

Congratulations LGU Kalibo led by Mayor William Lachica for being sensitive to highly critical analysis and worthy suggestions. Congratulations to the owner of the building under construction.

Communication Month

September is dubbed communication month in the calendar of the National Commission for Culture and the Art (NCCA). The celebration is aimed to stress the importance of communication in governance, in business, and in our community life and progress. Communication month will be celebrated for the first time ever under the auspices of the NCCA.

The celebration highlights will be the holding of appropriate activities in three locations; one each for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The centers of the celebration are: 1. Cauayan, Isabela for Luzon, 2. Cagayan De Oro City for Mindanao, and 3. Kalibo, Aklan for the Visayas.

The celebration in Kalibo will be held on September 17 – 19. According to Mr. Juan P. Dayang of the Publishers Association of the Philippines and Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, the celebration will include civic program, study tour, and exhibits which will portray the history of com-munication in Aklan, its development, and role in the province. It will also display some com-munication works of Aklanons and important personalities in Aklan media. The exhibit venue will be the ABL Sports Complex, Kalibo.

The NCCA through Dayang expects all out participation of all Aklan journalists, government officials, and the whole community.

Atty. Quimpo has volunteered the genuine cooperation of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges, the only educational institution in Aklan that offers AB Mass Communication degree.

Governor Carlito S. Marquez, during the courtesy call of the NCCA officials with Dayang, gladly offered the use of some provincial facilities for the celebration.

About 50 – 100 practicing journalists from all over the Visayas and Metro Manila are expected to attend the communication month celebration. /MP

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