Friday, September 10, 2010

Be Proud Pinoy!


Filipinos are most gentle and amiable people known for their genuine smiles and hospitality. A Filipino will go out of his way to make one feel welcome in the Philippines and in their homes. From serving the guests of sumptuous dishes to offering the best things in the house so that the guests will come and go and would keep coming back. Pinoys’ brand of hospitality shines anywhere he goes. Thus, no Filipino should say something against the Filipino and the Philippines.

Lovely smile and graceful charm are natural Filipina beauty. Long black hair, glowing tanned skin and dark eyes make an exquisite and special quality of a Pinay beauty. Some of the outstanding Filipinas who made us proud are First Woman President Corazon C. Aquino, Broadway Artist Lea Salonga, Prima Ballerina Liza Macuja-Elizalde, Pinay Boxing Champion, Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton, International Singing Sensation Charize Pempengco, first Filipina Miss Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz and the 4th Runner Up Miss Universe 2010 Ma. Venus Raj.

Hailed the greatest Filipino athletes of all time in the history of sports are the People’s Champ Manny Pacquio in boxing, the World Cup Bowling Champion Paeng Nepomuceno and the Billiard Magician Efren "Bata" Reyes.

The Philippines is one of the world’s riches for her seven thousand one hundred seven islands allowing various species of plants and animals to evolve and thrive. It is a natural habitat for endemic species of animals like the Philippine eagle, tamaraw, tarsier, mouse deer and all other exotic animals. Our country, the Philippines is best known for her beaches, pristine white sand, clear blue water. The white sand beach of Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan is among the must-visited tourist destinations for beach lovers who seek moments of solitude or exciting adventure and festive nightlife after experiencing the alluring and spectacular burst of the sunset.

Behold the Philippines for her panoramic sceneries like the majestic beauty of the perfect cone, Mayon Volcano in Albay to the smallest Taal volcano within a lake viewed from the slopes of Tagaytay. The underground river in Palawan, awesome Chocolate Hills in Bohol, and amazing Banaue Rice Terraces carved out of the Cordillera Mountain.

If you’re a Filipino, have you tried riding in the jeepney? The pocket friendly mode of transportation boasting in fancy adornments and decorations, one of the unique evidence to Pinoy’s resourcefulness and artistic ways. Have you danced to the beat of the drums in colorful and lively festivals in the Visayas, the famous Kalibo Sto. NiƱo "Ati-Atihan" in Aklan? "Sinulog" of Cebu? "Dinagyang" of Iloilo? and "Maskara" Festival in Bacolod?

Filipinos literally love to sing in videoke and dubbed as the singing superstars. Pinoy’s golden voices become world renowned for the great performances displayed in various international choral competitions.

Pinoys are simply sweet. They grow up with their very own native delicacies such as "bibingka" and "puto bumbong" during chilly mornings at Christmas time, sweet treats, pastillas, peanut brittle, and dried mangoes in summer and enjoying the street foods like taho, fish balls and grilled barbeque along with "sago at gulaman" or a refreshing buko juice.

Oh, there are so many other reasons to be proud of the Philippines. It is often said that the Filipino youth is the hope of our nation. Today’s modern young people of the Philippines are becoming comfortable with the demands of a changing world that they are almost loosing their natural ways. They have to be reminded that as long as they live in this country, they are Filipinos. You enjoy and be proud of all it has to offer and make this list go on forever. So, be brown and be proud! /MP

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