Friday, September 03, 2010

Filipinos Told: Postpone Trip To Hong Kong

by Dennis Carcamo
A Philippines consulate official in Hong Kong has appealed to Filipinos who want to spend their vacation in the Chinese special administrative region to indefinitely postpone their trip until the growing anti-Filipino sentiments of the natives there subside.

In a radio interview, Philippine Consul General to Hong Kong Claro Cristobal said that although the safety of the Filipinos in Hong Kong is assured, Filipinos planning a trip for a vacation there would not enjoy their stay.

"Kung kayo naman ay magkakaroon ng agam-agam hangga’t nandito kayo ay i-postpone nyo muna (If you’re having second thought on having the trip, better postpone it)," Cristobal said, referring to the angry sentiment of Hong Kong natives on what happened last week in Manila, where a tourist bus packed with Chinese nationals was taken hostage by a former policeman.

The hostage-taking incident ended with eight Chinese killed and several others wounded.

Cristobal also confirmed reports that there are two Filipino domestic helpers fired by their employers in Hong Kong.

He, however, said that both cases were not related to the bloody hostage crisis at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

Cristobal noted that one of the employers decided to take care of their child herself while the other was not satisfied with the service rendered by the Filpino domestic helper. /MP

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